Ibai leaves G2 Esports to create his own brand

Ibai has announced the first changes that will arrive on its channel in the coming days. The streamer wants to get through the great year 2020. New house, new roommates. But it won’t be with G2 Esports. He has announced the end of his commitment to the Ocelote team.

« After living an incredible year in the house of @ G2esports, the time has come to part our ways« explains Ibai. » It has been the best year of my life in terms of work and I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity they gave us. « 

« Hopefully in the future we will meet again but we have made the decision to create our own brand« , continues. » In a few days you will know the new signings and the name of this project. Thank you all for the unconditional support you have given us in 2020. We are going for 2021. « 

But there is still more. Tomorrow, January 14, 2021, will be Ibai’s first day in the new house. And if you want to meet the new colleagues, who will make up this new brand, next January 25 will be when we meet the new members, in addition to the name of the new project.

What news to start the year. Ibai, Ander, Reven and Barbe leave G2 to create their own brand. A decision that seems logical after a year of totally amazing growth. The brand will be a kind of quarry of streamers. They do not want to depend on third parties.

Before announcing the main news, Ibai also talked about a rather minor topic, seeing the repercussion of the big news: a meeting place on the Rust server. The first guests are Alexby and Aroyitt. They will have dinner, do activities and decide if they want to repeat. The streamer has gotten a little tired of Rust’s PvP and wants to dedicate more to role-playing.

These types of actions will be those that are seen in the new house, with the new brand. Always taking into account the sponsorships of external brands. Yellow humor, doctors’ offices, ping pong, …