Ibai is crowned the best streamer in the world at the 2020 Esports Awards

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If there is a Spanish-speaking streamer who has been talking about in recent years, that is Ibai Llanos. With a characteristic humor and a lot of passion, the Spanish streamer has managed to grow exponentially in recent years, conquering a large part of the Spanish and Latin American public. Now this effort was recognized at an awards ceremony.

What happens is that Ibai was crowned the best streamer in the world in the 2020 delivery of the Esports Awards. As you may know, this is an awards ceremony that celebrates the highlights of the competitive video game world and its online communities in recent months.

Keep in mind that Ibai competed against some of the heavyweights in the streaming world. In the same category were dominated DrLupo, Pokimane, Summit1g and Tinthetatman, who are some of the biggest streamers in the world. So it is no small thing that he has won this award.

Ibai was excited to find out that he was the winner

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Esports Awards could not have an in-person event. That said, there was a live broadcast that everyone could follow to find out who the winners were.

As you can imagine, Ibai was one of the people who was following the broadcast. In fact, he did a stream in which he reacted to the awards ceremony. In him we can see that he did not expect to win, however, in the end he won and his reaction was one of total emotion.

You can see it below:

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