Ibai inaugurates a private ‘GTA Online’ server set in Marbella and takes 151 very special players

Game servers created by youtubers seem to be an unstoppable trend for this 2021. The starting guns were given by Egoland in ‘RUST’ and Arkadia in ‘ARK: Survival Evolved’, and now a new competitor has arrived, and not exactly a small one: Ibai Llanos has just announced your own server in ‘GTA Online’. Its name will have an unmistakable traditional touch: Marbella Vice, which the oldest of the place will remember that it coincides with a game of recreational pistols that Álex de la Iglesia directed with real actors.

As announced by Ibai on his Twitch channel, ‘Marbella Vice’ is created with the help of CooLifeGame and other experts in ‘GTA V’ multiplayer server design. The goal: to have 151 youtubers and personalities playing on this private server when it is finished that guarantees shootouts to the rhythm of the recognizable street songs of El Fary. According to TVTop metrics, its broadcast led on Sunday on the platform, with 112,000 viewers on average.

The official opening of the server is scheduled for next April 11. In the presentation video with which Ibai commented on some of the server’s characteristics, all kinds of personalized posters could be seen (from announcements of concerts by El Fary and Kiko Rivera to Spanishizations of Civil Guard vehicles, among other law enforcement agencies).

Some of the proper names that Ibai put on the table as common on the server are streamers Auronplay, Perxitaa, TheGrefg, or Rubius, some of them ‘GTA’ veterans, footballers like Haaland, Borja Iglesias, Courtois or Kun Agüero, and artists like Kidd Keo rag. The limit is now 151 players, but expanding to 200 in future waves is not ruled out.

The heroes of ‘Marbella Vice’

And this is the complete list of participants in Marbella Vice.

Ibai CoolifeGame Rubius Cristinini JuanSGuarnizo AgentMaxo Arigameplays Folagor Carola Zeling TheGrefg DJMariio Spursito Auronplay Perxita Goes Carolina Abril Vicens Ampeterby Elchurches Minus Trece Luh Hit GG Bladecito Destru

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