Ibai acknowledges her mistake by sharing the Sezar Blue thread

One of the topics that has generated the most conversation during the beginning of this week has undoubtedly been that of controversial thread on Sezar Blue. The uproar has been so great that Ibai Llanos, who retweeted the publication and increased its dissemination, came out to apologize for what happened through a direct on Twitch. In the broadcast, by the way, Sezar Blue himself also appeared to talk about it.

Let’s make a summary of the situation. In Forocoches a hoax was born that jokingly – in very bad taste – accused Sezar Blue of being a cannibal. This after learning that the aforementioned youtuber owned a house where a murder was committed. The story had no significance beyond Forocoches, but the matter got out of hand when it hit Twitter. A user shared it as a thread without clarifying that it was a joke.

The problem became greater when Ibai Llanos, perhaps the most famous streamer in Spain today, replied the thread and the social network exploded. Within seconds there were hundreds of users charging at Ibai for spreading such a nasty thread with false information about Sezar Blue. Ibai deleted the retweet shortly after, however, it was too late. Having an account with more than 4 million followers and spreading this type of publication was not going to go unnoticed.

Ibai accepts his mistake and Sezar Blue supports him

Sezar BlueSezar Blue | Youtube

In his live on Twitch, Ibai acknowledged that he was wrong by broadcasting the thread on Sezar Blue. He just didn’t measure the reach of his retweet and apologized for it. “I should not have shared that thread, I have regretted it”, he expressed. The streamer said that his behavior was not correct, because the repercussion that his publications have implies having a greater responsibility for what you publish.

I acted like an asshole. I have done it really badly ยป. However, he made it clear that he will learn from the fact so as not to repeat it in the future. In addition, Ibai charged those who insulted him and they tried to make me feel bad by mentioning Sezar Blue’s personal problems. While his act is “unjustified” – Ibai’s – it is also not right for some people to try to promote respect by relying on hate speech.

For its part, Sezar Blue showed his support for Ibai and made it clear that he has no problem with it. In fact, both had a private conversation to talk about what happened and Blue conveyed reassurance, indicating that everyone can be wrong and it is something that can happen to anyone. He also did it from Instagram: