“I would tell them to be careful and cautious”

The pardons to the procés’ independence prisoners continue to give a lot to talk about in Congress. The control session on Wednesday was marked by this matter, but it did not stop there.

This Thursday and although it had nothing to do with the issues to be discussed, they have also occupied part of the interventions of the deputies during the plenary session. This was stated from the rostrum by the deputy of EH Bildu Oskar Matute.

“Throughout these two days, in any debate in this chamber, no matter what topic we speak on, the opportunity has been given for all the honorable Members against the pardon of Catalonia to bring up the subject to link it with the in a more original way with the cause that was being substantiated ”, he assured.

He has not wanted to be an exception, as he has continued, and has taken advantage of the pardons to send a message to the PP that has raised the murmurs of Congress: “To all the honorable members of the Popular Party who have been disappointed saying that ‘pardons should not give themselves’, I would tell them to be careful and cautious “

“Seeing the carousel of accusations with Cospedal, Jorge Fernández Díaz, perhaps with M. Rajoy or Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, the day is not far off when they have to collect not signatures against the pardon if not for their pardon” .

Matute has ended by stating that if not “they will find more PP militants within the walls of any prison than in an institution.”

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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