I would repeat the movement against Verstappen in the same way

Controversy over the Hamilton-Verstappen crash at Silverstone has shown no signs of fading on Thursday, when both drivers spoke at length about it in Hungary.

Reflecting on the details of the incident, in which Hamilton threw himself inside Copse (Turn 9), the world champion was clear in saying that he would not change what he did if he were in the same situation again.

“In terms of the maneuver, I would do the move exactly as I probably did and did the last time,” he explained. “In terms of how I’ve reviewed and analyzed it, from all my experience – and my experience obviously over the years speaks volumes – I wouldn’t change it.”

Some have taken an in-depth look at the moments leading up to the crash, and there has been great intrigue about how different Hamilton’s approach was in attacking Charles Leclerc later in the race compared to the tighter line he took with Verstappen.

However, the pilot of Mercedes He said that he did not see the need to expend energy explaining the difference between the two movements.

“I can definitely explain it, but I’m not going to,” he said. “I’ve been 20 and God knows how many years running. I know how to go around the curves and [hacer] overtaking maneuvers, so I’m not going to waste my energy trying to explain it. But it’s definitely going to be difficult for people to fully understand it. “

Hamilton also rejected claims that his post-race British GP celebrations were “disrespectful” because Verstappen was being evaluated in hospital at the time.

While the world champion was unaware that his rival had been transferred for further examination, he had ensured that Verstappen was not injured from the accident at the later time.

“I don’t think our behavior was disrespectful,” Hamilton said. “But as I said, one thing is to know and then celebrate what happened, and another thing is not to know and celebrate. And as I have already said, I was not aware.”

“But it was my home grand prize, and we worked incredibly hard for who knows how long to achieve such a result. And what a monumental moment the experience was for us in front of our home audience, being there for the first time after his absence on last year, and emotions were running high. “

“It was not an intended celebration. It was just the joy of seeing so many people celebrating being together and that is the natural emotion, I am not going to hide my emotions. And it was an incredible feeling to see so many people.”

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Hamilton telephoned Verstappen after the British GP to check the evolution of the Dutch, but hinted that perhaps they were still at opposite poles on how they saw the situation.

“I did call Max after the race to check that he feels good and to let him know that the respect is still there,” he said. “It may not be reciprocal, but nothing happens.”

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