“I would rather they didn’t give me the Astrazeneca vaccine, I prefer the Pfizer one”

After the video call interview with Marta and Marilia de Ella dances alone this Thursday in El hormiguero, Pablo Motos gave way to the gathering with Tamara Falco, Cristina Pardo, Nuria Roca and Juan del Val.

After talking about an anecdote about fashion between Roca and del Val, the presenter wanted to comment with his collaborators on the rate of vaccination against the coronavirus in Spain.

The vaccines have been made with such accelerated protocols that anything gives you a little qualm. Possibly the AstraZeneca is very safe, but … “, said Falcó, sowing doubt about the drug.

Tamara Falcó, in ‘El hormiguero’. ATRESMEDIA

Motos asked him: “Would you wear it?“, to which Isabel Preysler’s daughter replied that”I’d rather not, really. From the beginning I said I wanted Pfizer’s and you all messed with me. “

“It is true that the first day Tamara said she would wear that,” he recalled. the presenter, who asked if his mother had been vaccinated: “No, they haven’t called her yet. Mario -Vargas Llosa- and my grandmother, yes”replied Falcó.

The Valencian asked Falcó if he would be vaccinated with Sputnik, who without hesitation answered him no, but “because i’ve seen the memes. I want to get vaccinated with an American because I am pro-American and I am sure that it will give the best result.