“I would marry you. I Love You ”: Ricky Martin responds to J Balvin’s marriage request and declaration of love

In the last weeks Ricky Martin had been celebrating Gay Pride day in advance on Instagram with different publications in which he appeared with her husband Jwan Yosef. Sadly, not all his followers were able to appreciate those romantic photographs and he has revealed on that same platform that he received hate messages, in addition to losing a considerable number of followers, after sharing them publicly.

The singer has had at least the support of his famous friends, who did not stop leaving him loving comments and a few days ago J Balvin decided to make him smile with his, assuring him that, in his opinion, it is “The most special man in the world.”

“I would marry you. I love you ”, added the Colombian, who has just welcomed his first child with his girlfriend Valentina Ferrer.

What you probably weren’t expecting was that Ricky would come into the game eagerly and respond as follows: “And I love you more, brother! The good thing is that Jwan is not jealous. ” It remains to be seen if Ricky’s husband has anything to add to that.

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