Planet Wrestling interviews Lacey Evans

One of the contenders for the women’s championship in WWE SmackDown in WrestleMania 36, ​​Lacey Evans, has had the opportunity to speak to the media during the international press conference of WWE more recent. Evans He has covered various topics throughout the conference, from his path to WrestleMania 36 up to your opinion on the independent circuit. Our team of Wrestling planet was able to be during the conference to be able to interview Lacey Evans and we tell you his last words before WrestleMania 36.

Next, we leave you with the interview:

PW: Hi Lacey, how are you?

Lacey Evans: I’m fine, how are you?

On his favorite WrestleMania moment:

Wonderful thanks! WrestleMania is “the Showcase of the Immortals” and it has brought us many memorable WrestleMania moments, and I would like to ask you about, what has been your favorite WrestleMania moment?

I honestly have to say, after much thought, when I had to fight 4 other women in the ring to become the female champion of WWE SmackDown. Don’t forget to watch Wrestlemania this weekend to see me beat all those fighters to be the best and create the best moment of Wrestlemania that could have existed. When my music starts playing, right there.

What do you miss most about NXT’s Lacey Evans?

You’re on SmackDown right now, you’ve also been to RAW and even NXT, what do you miss most about NXT?

What do I miss most about NXT? Well, it is difficult to answer. Personally, NXT was tough on me due to the fact that I had multiple homes and one of them was in Orlando. And doing what you had to do, making the right decision, when you had to return home was hard, and the same thing happened with RAW and SmackDown, your music starts playing and you have to demonstrate your work, and instead in the Performance Center You have “personal support”, from the trainers and about how they helped you build your character. I liked working on creating your own character and the NXT terriotrio helps you work on it.

About the independent circuit:

If you had to pick an independent circuit fighter to have a match with her in WWE, who would it be?

Hmm … I’ve never thought about it. I think a girl called Amber nova She has the same talent as me, she is a very hard worker and I have seen a lot of fighting from her and I think we would make a great team.

PW: Thank you very much Lacey.

Audio of the interview:

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