Planeta Wrestling interviews Finn Bálor.

The team of Planet Wrestling has had the opportunity today to attend the press conference for the media held by Wwe. During this conference, the special guest has been Finn Bálor. The current WWE NXT champion He has made several statements on different topics such as his expectations for the next tournament of NXT UK by Heritage Cup, how he felt in the 60 minute Iron-Man match or what he misses the most from the main roster.

We leave you with the complete interview to Finn Bálor:

PW: Hey Finn, how are you?

Finn: Hey How are you?

PW: Very good, thank you very much. First of all I want to congratulate you on your victory to become the current WWE NXT Champion last Tuesday on the NXT Super Tuesday show. Talking about this show, you faced Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa in a 60 minute Iron-Man Match two weeks ago. We have seen very few Iron-Man matches in WWE and it is a very special stipulation because you have to be physically very prepared, how was it for you to be in that type of match?

Finn: For me it was my first time being in an Iron-Man match, and besides being a Fatal 4 Way. I think it was an ideal situation and we had less than a week to prepare and I think being there with those guys is a great pleasure because of the situation. All the guys are professionals and being there with those three guys at the same time I feel like we created something special and it was a night that I will remember for a long time. I felt those guys gave it their all that night and then we were Cole and me for the following week in NXT Super Tuesday II. The next day I felt a sense of success and accomplishment as we both gave everything we could to the limit.

PW: And still talking about NXT, this Thursday we have the return of NXT UK with the Heritage Cup tournament, what are your expectations?

Finn: I have to be honest and I am very excited for the return of NXT UK. I was very excited to be involved in NXT before it was a hit and I hope I can face Walter at some point since that fight is still pending in the future. But you know, I am currently more focused on what is happening in NXT in U.S, each person from NXT UK He is very happy for the return of the brand and I think that each one of them will impress a lot.

PW: Going back to the main roster, Before you came back to NXT you were on the WWE RAW red mark for a long time, what do you miss about the main roster?

Finn: As a worker I feel like we all miss being on the road traveling, whether it was in RAW, SmackDown or NXT. Traveling with the group and doing about 150 or 160 shows a year, you know, that feeling of overcoming at the end of the year is one thing you can be very proud of. And that experience with the dressing room, not from having been most of the time in NXTbut I feel like since I’ve been in NXT with the Florida-based headquarters that traveling aspect makes pro wrestling look like it’s gone. It’s been a long time since we’ve been on the road traveling alongside the whole locker room and I miss it so much.

Video of the interview.

We thank Finn Bálor for his time!

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