Italian defender Marco Materazzi (front) | DANIEL GARCIA / .

The quarantine served to make us miss football more, but also to meet new players in love with Boca. There were several who declared about the Bombonera, the desire to play in the Xeneize and their admiration for the RIbera club.

Now, the one who spoke of Boca again was Marco Materazzi, a renowned fan. The defending world champion assured that I would have accepted to play for free and explained why he would have succeeded if called.

“I would have played for free in Boca. ANDOr was he a Boca-style player: life or death, aggressive, tough. And every now and then I would find the ball and score goals ”, declared the historic defender in dialogue with TNT Sports.

“I miss stadiums like San Siro, La Bombonera, which transmit adrenaline. My son is a Boca fan and I had the experience of attending the Superclásico. The result was not favorable (Boca won 1-0 but was eliminated from the semifinals in the 2019 Copa Libertadores) but It was one of the best emotions I experienced in my life as a fan and as a former player. Maybe I missed playing a game like that“He added.

Materazzi’s affection for Boca is so much that he even has it tattooed on his skin. Would I have succeeded?