How does González González withdraw from arbitration?
Happy and proud to have been able to reach the age limit of 45 years, being able to practice this profession. When you get to the First Division you realize how difficult it is to be able to stay in the elite. It is very difficult to get here and try to improve year after year. I leave with the feeling of having done things well and of having left a mark both personally and in sports.

08/23/2020 at 09:55


What do you think when you know that you are the last referee to retire due to age?

As it was something that had not been around for a long time and it is something in the future, I don’t think about it either. My challenge was to get here and I think I’m leaving at my best mental and physical moment

And what do you think of this measure of disappearing the age limit?

It is very successful because when the referees reach this age, both the seniority, the time and the experience acquired is very important. In my case, for example, since I have refereed now, I have never refereed. Now you have the feeling of being above the game, how you control it … and this type of values ​​cannot be lost by referees who have to retire due to age

You still have the thorn of not having achieved internationality …

That I would have liked it, I cannot deny it because otherwise I would be a hypocrite. At least I have experienced it because I have attended some matches accompanying colleagues. Of course I would have liked it because it would have been a quality leap. But the limit to do so is 38 years old and since then I have been clear, very happy and calm, that my responsibility was in the arbitration of Spain.


How would you define the VAR tool?

It is a tool that has come to football to do justice. For a referee every weekend is almost like a Master class. Whether you are on the pitch or in the VOR room. So that people understand it, it is a tool to avoid those failures that before when you went to the hotel and saw it, it would not let you sleep.

Do you think football is no longer understood without it?

It has certainly come to stay and it is definitive. There will be seasons where there will be more controversy and others less, but no one conceives that a play ends in a goal when it is a clear out of court. Of course there are gray plays, more doubts, but in the clear plays, this will not happen again. With the VAR there is more justice in football

And what would you say of those who question it?

Which is the usual, the one who benefits always keeps quiet and only when they harm you do you complain. We should continue to promote honesty in the world of football. Have a team openly say that the VAR has benefited them when this happens. Nothing happens. In the end, all the teams finish in the right place on their merits but not on the VAR. What happens is that in soccer very large budgets are handled and the easy thing is to justify it with the VAR.

Is it very different from being in the field?

Very much. In the field it is the work of all life. In VAR you have to make decisions thinking of you and your partner on the pitch. Even the pulsations are more being in the VOR room than in the field of play. I wish that all the plays that happen in a match were all black and white! But there are many gray, doubtful plays, where you are not sure and you suffer because your objective is to try to help your teammate on the field. Being able to give or guide you with the correct decision. Try to give him the best option always within the FIFA protocol and assuming that it is a clear and manifest error

I imagine you will continue as a VAR referee

If I spoke with President Carlos Velasco Carballo who told me that he wanted to count on me for next year and I will be performing VAR functions

The arbitration of Primera that González González knew is very different from that of now

In these eleven years in the elite I don’t think much has changed. Maybe football is faster, but we are still measured and valued on the field for our level of success. You can do 85 minutes very good that since you fail in the last five minutes, people only remember the last. The big change is the VAR because it allows to re-referee and make football fairer

Something that you would have liked to do in arbitration and you have not been able to

I cannot deny that I would have liked to be able to whistle a classic between Barcelona and Real Madrid, because it is the most important club match in the world. I have called very important games but I have been to call this one. I would have loved to think that it is a privilege for any referee to be able to do it.

Your best memory?

I have had many but possibly the most when I was notified of the promotion to First division. It came to me on July 1 and, curiously, I was getting married on the 4th, just three days later. So in just four days I had everything: promotion, wedding and everything you could imagine. The truth is that the wedding was a party full of emotions, congratulations, everything I could enjoy.

And the worst?

The same day that the promotions came out, they also notified an assistant friend who had accompanied me for many years that I was descending to Second B. And he was also at my wedding. So you can imagine. Everything was fantastic at my wedding but there was my friend logically sad for his situation, for his descent after all he had fought

What do you consider to have been your best match?

Well, possibly a Celta – Alavés with Pitterman as president of the Vitoria team and where whoever lost went down to Second B. There was a lot of pressure. It is possibly the party with the most responsibility for what was at stake, the one that lost fell. That fear was palpable in the players, knowing that they were risking their lives. And there was not a great game …

And what do you think was the worst?

Maybe a Cádiz – Sporting de Gijón because you finish the game very comfortable and you go to the hotel where you realize that you have not hit a …

Have you ever cried with rage in a field?

Not in addition, I try to convey to my children that they have to cry with happiness or sadness. Our profession has very sweet but also very sad moments

And scary?

Not scary either .. Maybe in the first game as a referee, with just 15 years, whistling adults and without assistants, I did not send off a player when I had to and I did it later. And the truth is that a fat woman got on. Since then I learned that I would not do it again. Players are sent off when they need to be sent off

This 2020 referee is more professional than you arrived in 2010

Yes, obviously, today the demand is so great that it does not allow you to make this profession compatible with any other. At first I did it with the police officer but now it was very complicated. This arbitration is already very professional

Finally the referees will have a professional contract

This is great news because it is something that we have fought for many years both this generation and others before. It cannot be that with this level of professionalism, being all the years that you are arbitrating, we would not quote. It is not logical that we were not protected and luckily this will change as of next September 1.