“I would have done the same as Ibai”

Ibai Llanos has left G2 Esports to build his own G2 Esports. Ibai leaves Ocelote to become Ocelot. This is what could be deduced from the course of events. In any case, the founder of G2 has gone to the direct of the Basque streamer to say goodbye and wish him the best of luck in his new adventure.

There is no bad vibe in the Ibai march. The contract he had signed with the club is simply fulfilled and he has decided to create his own brand. Ocelote has explained it both on Twitter and live. « You are very ambitious, Ibai. It is normal. In your place, I would have done the same« , he comments.

Ibai, for his part, appreciated the great opportunity that Ocelote gave him by joining a club as important as his: « I really appreciate that an international G2 club bet on us when our baggage was poor« .

In fact, the streamer does not close the door to external collaborations in the future. « G2 is the only club in which I could consider a collaboration« he explains. » I have a great relationship with them. It’s the best team ».

Regarding the signings of the project of Ibai, Reven, Barbe and Ander, which is not only the Basque streamer, Ocelote did not want to advance anything, of course, but he acknowledged that he knows all of them – it doesn’t seem like a big surprise either. He just said that « they are the host and what a couple of eggs ». As it is. We will meet them soon.

As soon as the moment of « farewell » arrived, Ocelote encouraged Ibai and offered to continue entering his streams to play « whatever ». Even to « mess with Fnatic. » Ocelote always throws that sympathetic puja at a rival that he has plucked in the winter market, taking his top star.

« After the one we’ve bundled him up, » Ocelote refers to the subject, « if Fnatic wins the LEC I will become a Buddhist monk and disappear and go to meditate« .

Ocelote wishes Ibai the best of luck: « If I had to bet, I would do it that you’re going to be a goddamn motherfucker. » Apparently, they separate their paths, but both will remain united and who knows what the future will bring.