“I would give anything to talk to my father”

The young German driver, who is completing his first season in Formula 1 at the wheel of a Haas in 2021, has been unable to share with his father, Michael, seven-time world champion, his path of promotion to the Great Circus for almost eight years.

Mick Schumacher has progressed from the training categories to being the 2020 FIA Formula 2 champion, before making the leap to F1 for this season in a team that only fights against itself in each of the races.

In the documentary Schumacher, which is available on Netfilx from today and to which has had first access, the young German pilot of 22 years is one of the protagonists who offer testimony about Michael sSchumacher.

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The former German driver, an F1 legend, has been in an unknown but allegedly serious condition since December 2013 after a ski accident at the French resort of Méribel in which he hit his head on a rock.

“When I think about the past, the images that come to mind are of the four of us having a good time. I see images of us driving a Kart through the countryside, I see images of us riding in a carriage pulled by a pony, many moments that I remember with joy “, says Schumacher Jr at one point in the film.

“What I remember the most is when he returned home. It was great because he spent hours and hours with us, even though he was super tired from the trip. But we didn’t realize it, we were glad to have him at home,” adds his sister, Gina-Maria.

Mick Schumacher, who has evolved as a pilot without his father being able to be by his side, on the circuits, giving him advice, considers the situation “unfair”.

“Since the accident, those experiences, those moments so typical in a family, are no longer present. At least not like before. And in my opinion it is very unfair, “he says with a broken voice.

“I think my father and I would understand each other differently now. I think we would speak a very similar language, that of motorsports, and we would have a lot to talk about. And that’s what I keep thinking. I think how great it would be, what it would have been. I’d give anything to have that … “

“When I look at it, I think this is how I want to be: strong and serene,” concludes an emotional Schumacher Jr.

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