He believes he is the one chosen to change Formula 1 and make it more accessible

When you are older, you will not care about your titles, but have contributed to the change

Lewis Hamilton has been working since this year to be much more than a pilot. The British think that being the only black driver right now in Formula 1 and having six titles is no coincidence and he feels the chosen one to call for change to achieve more diversity in the Great Circus. That is his mission now and something that has more value for him than the championships.

Lewis thinks that if he is the only black driver in Formula 1 and has won all his titles, it must be for something. The Briton embraces the power that this position gives him and wants to take advantage of his status as a champion to make the Great Circus a more accessible and diverse sport.

“When you retire with one or two championships, whatever they are, what will it mean? It doesn’t really mean anything, what it means is what you do with it, the impact you have with it,” Hamilton highlighted in an interview with Formula 1.

“I’m the only black pilot here for whatever reason, I don’t know why they chose me to be here to do what I do in a car and why it was not someone else. Many things have happened throughout my life and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’m in the position I’m in now“, has reflected.

Despite how much F1 has gotten into for diversity this year, Lewis believes there needs to be more commitment, especially from certain teams.

“I say something and it goes very far, that means having incredible power in the media to fight for change. There was a moment when I thought ‘being here is not enough, I have to speak, I have to do more.’ If I retired a year ago, maybe nothing would have changed. There are still teams that have not said anything and that do not take responsibility for the problem that exists, but it is about finding a way to get those people to commit. I hope that in in a short time we can see changes “, he stressed.

“We’re seeing things and we need to keep going. I guess it’s part of my job and that means more to me than titles because I can look back and say to myself ‘Yes, I won championships.’ But it would be great to help change the perspective of the sport and make it more. accessible to people from all over the world “, he indicated.

When Hamilton is asked if he would trade his seventh title, if he wins it, for more diversity in F1, the Briton responds with an authoritarian “Yes”.

Lewis believes that he has reached an age where he is beginning to think about his legacy and this has coincided with a great awakening in the world about the fight against racism.

“I think we are in a time of awakening, with the movement against racism, people realize what is happening, but I think it is about living consciously. I think that for the moment I am in my life, I I ask how I am going to help my sister’s children, how I can help the young people who follow me to change the system. I have awakened and these are the conversations that I have in my head, “he transmitted.

Thus, the hex champion ensures that he is becoming a different driver and that the fight he does off the track helps him to be better on it.

“People tell you ‘you’re a champion and you have to be like this, talk like this and behave like this’ and I do all these things differently and we all should because we are all different. I’m becoming a different pilot. I’m always learning about the car, about my relationship with Bono, the things I say, how I can communicate and drive better, “he said.

“But at the same time as being that relentless driver, something that is key when it comes to racing, I am also aware and I think it is helping me in my careers. I know when to push and when to say ‘enough’. That adds another dimension to my characteristic as a pilot, that’s why I have the victories that I have and the championships, “he highlighted.

Hamilton believes that one of the people who has helped him the most in this personal introspection has been Ayrton senna. Lewis grew up wanting to be like him and not only because of the Brazilian’s facet as a driver, but because of his impact on people.

“When you grow up, you start to understand people. When I was a child, I didn’t understand it, but Ayrton had a great effect on people, in Brazil, all over the world. He motivated me to do what he did,” he said. pointed.

“What we do not know is how many days we have left, we do not know. I do not assume that I will live until 90, I want to make sure that I take advantage of every day that I have, try not to stress if I can avoid it, try to be healthy, have balance, enjoy and to help the people who follow me, to inspire me when I am not having the best days and with that, you have a beautiful life, “he said.

“I wanted to drive cars, I wanted to do something similar to what Ayrton did, then I beat him. Ayrton probably would have gotten more championships if he had lived longer. Every day I try to understand why we are facing what we are facing, which ones are going to be the results and what am I going to do in this period of time “, he reflected.

“Will I learn? Will I educate myself? Will I try to be better at some things? Will I help someone? Will I influence someone’s life in a positive way? Those are the questions I ask myself about,” Lewis concluded.

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