“I will not return to Juventus, my future is at Inter”

05/04/2021 at 8:19 PM CEST

Giuseppe Marotta left Juventus in 2018, from where he emerged as a true idol after 8 years, having achieved 7 ‘Scudettos’, 4 ‘Coppas’ and playing two Champions League finals under his management, to enlist in a new Italian adventure, upon being appointed CEO of Inter three months later. This is what he said the day he joined the ‘neroazzurra’ discipline: “It is a job loaded with responsibility, but it doesn’t worry me either. A new stage is beginning and this has to be a winner. “Two and a half years later, they have emerged as Serie A champions.

Now, speaking to Sky, when asked if his future is linked to returning to Turin, the Italian settled the matter with a clear and direct message: “Me at Juventus? No, I came here at Zhang’s wish and I would like to open a cycle here. Last year we reached the final of the Europa League and now we have won the leagueIn turn, he stressed that they have succeeded despite the current situation in the world of football: “The difficulties that exist with the contraction of income due to the pandemic.”

He took the opportunity to congratulate the players and the coach, Antonio Conte, who have had a great season: “This is possible because there is a compact group thanks to the work of the coach“.

Juventus as a mirror

Marotta knows what it is to start with a project and take it to the top. He did it with Juventus and now, thanks also to the excellent work of the Italian coach, he has already laid the first stone of what he hopes will become a fortification: “Winning is always difficult and the first year at Juventus we started with a new cycle at a club that was struggling. Now we are in almost the same situation: Conte has made the most of the available players. “

For the Interista CEO, group management has been key for this group to touch the sky again: “If there had been a bad apple, it would have been isolated from the team, but there was not. Few in this group have won titles and for the boys it has been a great incentive to conquer such an important one “.