Drew Breesveteran quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, opposes that the players of the Nfl kneel during the American anthem.

Despite the protests that flood the streets of the North American country, after the murder of citizen George Floyd, who was suffocated by a policeman in Minnesota, the pin denied that this situation happened to the gangs.

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“I will never agree with someone who disrespects the flag of the United States or our country,” said Brees in an interview with Yahoo.


“Let me tell you what I see, what I feel, when I hear our anthem or when I see our flag: I imagine my two grandparents, who were in World War II, one in the Army and the other in the Navy. They both risked their lives to protect our country, try to do it, and our world a better place, ”added the Purdue University graduate and top passer in League history.

A few seasons ago, the then star of the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick, surprised players, coaches, managers, owners, citizens, and fans by kneeling during the intonation of the American anthem, leading up to Sunday NFL games.

Kaepernick said on several occasions that his protests went against police brutality on minorities, African Americans, and Latinos, just as was seen in the Floyd case. Later, other NFL players repeated the passer’s actions. The 49ers cut their quarterback – who led them to Super Bowl XLVIII – and the League amended its rules to avoid these protests during ceremonies.


Multiple athletes have protested in recent days about racism in the United States, some have even appeared at street marches.

“Every time I stand, with my hand on my heart, I see the flag and sing the national anthem, I think of everything that has been sacrificed for our country and not only in the military. I also think about the civic movements of the 1960s and everything that has changed so far, “he added. Brees.

“Is everything happening in our country okay?” He asked himself. “No, we still have a long way to go, but I think that standing with your hand on your heart during the hymn shows unity and that we are all part of the solution.”

It is anticipated that by September, when the NFL season kicks off, protests over the grid will return, whether Brees likes it or not.