“I will get a gush of horrible criticism”

Mercedes Mila. (Photo: GTRES)

Veteran journalist Mercedes Milá stopped by the social chronicle space of La hora de la 1 on Tuesday to celebrate her 70th birthday.

Although the interview was mostly devoted to talking about his long career on television, there was also a moment to comment on the pandemic and the current situation.

Milá, when asked how he was doing and if he was fully informed or not, ended up evaluating and highlighting the management of the Government of Spain, chaired by Pedro Sánchez.

“The Government of Spain, and I say it in the largest possible letters, encountered an immense problem. Despite the shortcomings it may have, they have led it splendidly well, “he said.

In addition, Milá was also prepared to receive any criticism that may come to her: “Now is when a gush of horrible criticism will fall on me, which I am willing to accept and give all the explanations I want.”

Regarding the pandemic, the journalist assured that she is living it at a distance, without going into depth to avoid feeling bad: “I have had it in the headlines and I have not deepened.”

Finally, he thanked everyone who has been in the front line for their “professionalism and kindness.”


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