“I will do everything I can to get back to the top.”


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Roger Federer returns to the pitch after a stage in which injuries have not allowed him to do it regularly. Two knee surgeries have kept him in the dry dock for months.

However, as explained in Schweizer Familie, he will return to competitions in 2021. “I was out of the circuit for a long time to prepare for this goal. “. The tennis player returns to the elite confident of his possibilities. After more than a season without being able to be in the big tournaments, his return to the ATP is very close.

At 39, he is convinced that he will continue to be a professional tennis player. “I will do everything I can to return to the top of world tennis after my operations.“He explained.” As long as I’m happy and healthy, I’ll keep playing. Many ask me how many years I have left to compete and, to be honest, I don’t know, “he added.

Not only did he talk about the news in the magazine, but he went back to his childhood: “I remember my school years. Whenever I had homework it was complete torture. He was a boy who had a hard time concentrating for a long time”, pointed. “Thus, my mother regularly used to do some sports activity with me to distract me and thus not saturate myself with homework“he admitted.

He also commented on his experience in the African continent. His mother has origins in South Africa and frequently travels there, where he acts as an ambassador for his foundation: “I really like traveling to Africa, I travel with the intention of helping those in need. I’m not a tennis star there, I’m just Roger “.

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