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During his first appearance before the Federal Control Judge of the North Prison, José Artemio Zúñiga Mendoza -which was carried out through a video call- for the case of the purchase of the scrap plant from Agro Nitrogenados, the former director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Emilio Lozoya, pleaded not guilty of the crimes that are imputed to him and he assured that he will prove that he is not responsible.

« My commitment was to waive the extradition trial to clarify my legal situation, and at the time of the presentation of evidence I will demonstrate that I am not responsible or guilty for the crimes that are imputed to me »he mentioned.

From the private hospital in which he is hospitalized due to the « severe anemia » he suffers, Lozoya Austin assured that he was « systematically intimidated, pressured and instrumentalized », for which, he said, he will denounce and point to the « authors of these events  »

« As my lawyer comments, I would like to add and make known to you regarding the facts that are the subject of this investigation, I was systematically intimidated, pressured, and instrumentalized ”.

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« Likewise, I manifest to you that I will denounce and point out the authors of these events and I reiterate my commitment to collaborate with the authorities of the Mexican State », said.

Through a WhatsApp chat in which the Federal Judicial Council (CJF) reports the development of the hearing of Emilio Lozoya, the former official of the six-year term of Enrique Peña Nieto also assured that the property of the Lomas de Bezares neighborhood , was declared before the Ministry of Public Function (SFP).

« The property to which they refer was declared before the Secretariat of the Public Function since my management as Director of Pemex began, regarding the resources that are imputed I will clarify it at the time of presenting the evidence data »Lozoya pointed out.

At the beginning of the hearing and when presenting their arguments, The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) requested that the former director of Pemex be brought to trial in the Agro Nitrogenados case.

Emilio Lozoya was informed about the start of an investigation file against him, in which His sister Gilda Susana Lozoya Austin and the president of Altos Hornos de México, Alonso Ancira Elizondo, also appear as indicted., who is detained in Spain awaiting his extradition.

According to the Mexican authorities, Lozoya transferred from June to November 2012, about USD three million from the company Altos Hornos de México to an account of which Susana Lozoya is a beneficiary “without identifying the origin of the transfer”.

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For her part, Ancira Elizondo, reportedly used the Mexican financial system to transfer resources for about USD 500,000 from a branch in Monclova, Coahuila, to an account in Geneva, Switzerland.. The rest of the transfers were made in different movements throughout November 2012.

Subsequently, it was certified that Ancira made transfers for another million dollars, $ 100,000 and $ 800,000 more to add up to $ 3 million.

According to the Mexican authorities The beneficiary of the Tochos Holding Limited account is Gilda Susana, sister of Emilio Lozoya.

The Prosecutor’s Office held before Lozoya, who received a transfer of 34 million 234 thousand pesos, they were used to buy a house in the La Retana neighborhood, in Lomas de Bezares, where his father currently lives.

The FGR, whose owner is Alejandro Gertz Manero, reported that the request to join the process against the former director of Pemex for the crime of operating illicit resources, « is unofficially prosecutable, but when the Mexican financial system is used the participation of the Ministry of Finance is required, and that is why there is the complaint of Mr. Santiago Nieto (head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) « .

Emilio Lozoya Austin was extradited from Spain on July 16, after being arrested last February in that country, for the crime of operating illicit resources, known as money laundering.


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