“I wear them on my skin”, Dorismar gets a tattoo in honor of her fans

“I wear them on my skin”, Dorismar gets a tattoo in honor of her fans | Instagram

The pretty actress and model Dorismar recently showed off the tattoo that was made in a private area and dedicates it to her fans, this in honor of the number of followers she currently has, as she has stolen one million, a fairly high number.

Dorismar, the beautiful Argentine who became known in the program ‘Desmadrugados’, does not stop pampering her thousands of admirers on social networks and it is for that reason that this time she was no exception.

Through her Instagram account, the actress showed that her followers are the most important thing for her, an example of this are the spicy photographs that she publishes on her official Instagram account.

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And now the lush model Dorismar literally carries her admirers not only in her heart, as she presumed that she also has them in the most hidden place of her anatomy and that is that she got a tattoo in her great superior charms in honor of her followers.

On this occasion, she decided to pay tribute to her more than 1 million followers, who also follow her on her OnlyFans account.

The beautiful model decided to get a tattoo to celebrate her fans, however, she did it in a very strategic place and that will always be seen by them, in her later charms.


It should be noted that an actress is one of the most active celebrities in social networks and constantly tends to consent to her followers with some outfits and poses in her publication, however, she is also one of the few who responds to the messages they publish.

More than wearing them tattooed on my heart, now I also wear them on my skin, it left a mark difficult to erase and that will remain with her for a long time. “

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In these photographs shown, he can be seen lying on a stretcher while the tattoo artist does the same.

You look spectacular ”, ” How beautiful that tattoo was ”, ” What envy, and not for the tattoo, but for the artist ”, ” Lucky tattooist ”, are just some of the comments.

The truth is that Dorismar is one of the most racy and risky models when it comes to showing off her charm, an example of this is this gift to her followers, who immediately reacted to the tattoo.

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On the other hand, Dora Noemí Kerchen became known throughout the television world, participating in several magazine program projects and acting in soap operas, gaining great popularity in Mexico and the United States.

Another of the photographs that has made a great impression lately is one of a 45-year-old model where the d3snud0 was fully seen in a bathtub, but what attracted the most attention was the lower part, which he allowed to see with total freedom .

As expected, the photo already has more than 70 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments from his followers, who did not hesitate to praise his beauty.

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In addition, he ensures that there are a couple more images of his session that are available on his official OnlyFans page.

It is worth mentioning that the celebrity often shares very flirty images that have left her fans breathless on several occasions.

On the other hand, platforms and social networks based on the payment of a monthly subscription are gaining more and more popularity, especially in a year in which people around the world have had to look for other sources of entertainment at home, as well as other sources. income, so this was one of the options of the beautiful actress.

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