Susana Giménez and Miguel Romano

On Monday 27, Miguel Romano, the stylist recognized for taking care of the hair of various figures, including Susana Giménez, suffered a violent robbery. And this Thursday, in Intruders, the man gave details of what happened that day. “I received several calls, they called me and cut me off, like that several times. It was because the alarm was going off in the barber shop. What happens is that with a stick they saw in which zone the alarm sounded and what places did not. When they made her jump, the phone rang for me. ”

“They broke my vitro glass with that stick, which are no longer made and will make it difficult to get. I put them on like 40 years ago, a pity ”He stressed with anguish and continued: « With that stick they were looking for where the alarm sounded and where it did not. This was at noon, when the neighbors were walking around here. I wasn’t there, they went in, they broke the window and they took off the wigs that were there in the drawers. ”He lamented.

Miguel Romano said that Susana’s wigs were stolen (Video: Intruders-America) (Infobae)

Then, he said that they took products belonging to the diva of the phones, his friend. « They brought me a lot of Susana’s wigs, the ones I used for sketches, the Woman of the Year … they even broke the glass where I had a photo of her from 25 years ago, that I had it there as a souvenir. I have Graciela Borges’s, too, that didn’t break it. Susana’s was taken with the whole glass. ”

On the other hand, he explained why these materials were stolen and not bigger or more valuable objects. « They saw that there were many things of value, but they could not remove them because the main door has three locks and they could not break it. A neighbor – Mrs. Silvia – warned me that they were entering, called me. She approached and asked why they were breaking the glass and they replied that they had gone to change it. There he said he was going to call me, so they left. « 

Finally, he made reference to the magnitude of what was taken from him. « I honestly cannot say a value, because there you have to see the quality of the wigs they took, what material they were made of. I reckon insurance is going to take care of all this. But honestly, I don’t care about the cost, that will be seen later. What gives me the most anger is everything that was broken and that does not recover. That photo of Susana, the vitro … the rest is a dunce.

“It is the first time that they enter me here. He had robbed me twice, in other directions, but ever since I’ve been here, never. It is a very safe house. But hey, now I’m going to put bars on the door. You cannot live, you cannot go out… you want to go out to eat in a restaurant and you are afraid. We’re getting used to this happening. Look, I am satisfied that I was robbed and nothing else. ”

According to Romano, Mecha traveled to Punta del Este to meet up with Susana

On the other hand, days ago he told intimacies regarding Susana and her daughter, Mecha Sarrabayrouse. In May, the Su boarded a private flight and flew to Uruguay. Since then, she has been undergoing quarantine accompanied by her brother. Patrick at La Mary, in Punta del Este. After applying for citizenship, they let it pass and settle.

In the last hours, according to Romano, his daughter joined the stay. “Susana went through the hairdresser before going to Uruguay. She took off the extensions to rest her hair and I made her color; the famous ‘white gold’ that I created for her 50 years ago. A few days ago Mecha was also there. I treated her, put extensions on her and traveled to Punta del Este to meet her mother. ”


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