Norman Cardoze, manager of San Fernando, is heard tired. After five days hospitalized with his son of the same name, he is finally home. Both tested positive for Covid-19 and were discharged this Thursday. You have trouble speaking, you tire easily, and you still have trouble breathing well. “Keep it short,” he asks.

Cardoze, who is known as a charismatic baseball player, says the symptoms began on May 11. It gave him fever, cough, and tiredness. But on Sunday, May 17, he began to feel worse and decided to go to the hospital. “The doctors tested me for the Covid-19 and it came out positive,” he says.

That day, on May 17, both he and his son were hospitalized. Cardoze was in the same room as his coach, Carlos Aranda, who died early Thursday morning with all the symptoms of Covid-19 as reported by his father. “I was in the same room with him, I saw him die, it is sad to see those cases,” confesses Cardoze. “There are hundreds of people there, more than 20 die every day, at least the ones I saw during I was there,” he says.

Cardoze was sent to quarantine for two weeks by doctors, given medication and complete rest. «My son is stable, quite recovered, I am stronger, he is weaker. They also did the test and it came out positive, ”he says.

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Aranda, Cardoze says, was intubated from the day he arrived and was unable to speak to him. The last time they spoke, remember, it was last Saturday May 16 during the game of San Fernando and Bóer, in Masaya.

From the Baseball Commission, Cardoze says, nobody has called him. “Only Nemesio Porras (president of Feniba) has been watching us,” says the former player, who is unaware if other players on his team have presented the same symptoms or are hospitalized. “In this situation, everyone seeks to see for everyone,” he says.

The Baseball Commission announced this Thursday the cancellation of the National Championship for 21 days. Aranda’s death was evidence that nothing was normal as they intended to sell it. “It’s the best they could have done,” says Cardoze.

The San Fernando manager assures that the team’s management did not pressure them to play and that he asked the Baseball Commission to suspend the series last weekend in León. “They did not accept the cancellation of the series, they only gave one day for it to start,” he says.

“Take care of the players and the general population, protect your families. What we live through is not easy, we must cling to God, “he says. And he says goodbye. You feel very tired.

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