Monologist Hannah Gadsby explores in her Netflix monologues how she has always lived hating everything. Now she wants to quit: she realized that she didn’t hate the outside, but projected the irritation she felt inside herself

Everyone knows that person who always has a negative opinion of the subject. What are you talking about a friend in common? “I fall fatal,” he will reply, accompanied by a grimace. And not only with people, anything seems wrong to them. Elite? “What rubbish.” Bad Gyal? “That is not music, it is noise.” Rosalia? “Overrated”. Esther Expósito? “Uglier than you think.” Triumph operation? “But does anyone still see that junk?” They are self-proclaimed haters, you never know what they like, but hey, everyone knows what they don’t.

Well, Hannah Gadsby, comedian and monologue writer, author of the Netflix shows Nanette (2018) and Douglas (2020, just released), has a few words to dedicate: stop hating everything. “I did it, and now I feel better. Now I love myself more ”. Gadsby reflects in his monologues (among many things) on the hatred with which he has lived surrounded all his life, receiving it “for being a woman in a patriarchal society and lesbian in a heterocentric society”, as he said in his monologue, but also escaping it, Because she was so resentful of everyone that she did not hesitate to release the same dose of hatred that she received.

“It is easy to hate, you can hate everything. The fact that we can hate ourselves is proof that everything can be hated. And it is very sad ”, he adds in an interview with the American portal Bustle, in which about why he wants to stop being a manual hater, a decision he has made because, according to the article, “sadly common” are people who, like her, give more importance to what they hate and not to what they like about life, everything that deserves to be enjoyed.

He realized this one day when they asked him “why do you hate Tom Hanks?” She hated it, very much, but when asked, she went blank. Why did I hate him? I got to Google ‘why I hate Tom Hanks’. You couldn’t hate Tom Hanks, he’s a benign being. And then I realized that he was just irritated because he was always the protagonist in everything, he was always given space as a heterosexual white man above other actors. And that was not his fault, but I was angry and I paid it being a hater“, remember.

Now his hatred is working. Although he has made a career as a comedian laughing at everything, insulting and mocking what he hates, he no longer wants to be a hater. He has already made it clear in his monologues: he has lived surrounded by hatred and hating everything, nothing escaped his scathing criticism. But he no longer wants to continue like this off stage, in his private life, because he was consuming it. “Hate is destructive. It is just as self-destructive as it is externally destructive. Hate seems like an emotion you project to something external, but it really is an autocorrosive impulse“He warns.

To stop being a hater, she is following a method: “every day I allow myself to hate a thing and that’s it, turn the page. Now my mantra is that, If I have a good day, I have to do everything possible to share it. And if I have a bad day, I have to do everything possible not to infect it ”, that simple. If her friends talk about something she hates, she no longer says: “what a waste”, now she bites her tongue and listens to what they have to say.

Hating everything is not a personality, it is a manifestation of a lot of internal things. It’s a defense mechanism. You feel irritated inside and you project it with everyone, towards everything ”, he assures, advising that, if like her, you are also a hater, you probably have something to work within yourself, something that you do not like and that does not satisfy you. “It is difficult, but it is very necessary to realize it. Now I am trying not to dislike Taylor Swift ”, concludes the exhater.