“I wanted to fulfill my dream of having the Cristiano Ronaldo shirt, but he refused”


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Daniel Guillen

The Atalanta midfielder, Robin gosens, has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo was reluctant to give him his shirt at the end of a Coppa tie, as he recounts in his book Dreaming is worth it: “After the final whistle, I went up to him and didn’t even go with the audience to celebrate. I asked him: ‘Cristiano, can you change my shirt?’. He didn’t even look at me and just said no.”

The German, who arrived at Atalanta in the summer of 2017, acknowledged in his memoirs that felt embarrassed after this curious incident: “You know that moment when something embarrassing happens to you and you look to see if someone has noticed? I felt just that and tried to hide it”.

Gosens and Cristiano Ronaldo they will meet again at the end of May in the Coppa Italia final. Atalanta and Juventus, who are in the heat of struggle to access the four places that grant the ticket to the Champions League, They will be measured at the Olympic in Rome to meet the cup champion and succeed Naples. The needs of Andrea Pirlo’s team suggest that for Cristiano Ronaldo’s it will be a life or death match.

As part of a blushing elimination

The anecdote told by the Germanic midfielder, who trained in his native country and went through Dutch football before making the leap to Italy, is framed in a blushing defeat in the Coppa Italia. In 2019, Atalanta de Gasperini eliminated Juventus 3-0 with great superiority in the game and in the result.