“I wanted to do something else, sorry”

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On the night of Friday, January 15, ‘The Challenge’ finally landed on Antena 3 as one of its new entertainment bets of the season. An occasion in which the eight contestants faced their first challenges in the format, different from each other, among which highlighted the challenge of David Bustamante, who ended up getting excited after undergoing the apnea test, which lasted a total of a minute and a half.

David Bustamante, dejected in ‘The challenge’ after enduring a minute and a half in apnea

While the contestant was with his head under water, with the support of an expert in freediving, Roberto Leal explained that the eight contestants in the edition would undergo the same challenge and, for every thirty seconds under water, five hundred would be added. euros more to the final prize card, with six thousand euros, which each gala would go to a charitable cause chosen by the winner. In addition, the program issued images of Bustamante’s training, who He joked that his little stamina could be due to the fact that « I can stand little without speaking. » Good humor was not lacking either when the artist admitted that he felt « scared » submerged in the water, something that changed after changing clothes and doing the first tests, even despite the relaxation techniques to which his « teacher » subjected him.

« It is taking him a bit to adapt, he is at full speed, what is most difficult for me is to calm him down, » acknowledged the expert, with whom Bustamante endured up to two minutes without breathing. « I begin to feel that my lungs burn, a pressure in my chest, and you think you are dying, » the singer acknowledged, overwhelmed, although that did not exactly invent him to give up, given his competitive spirit, which was represented at the end of the test, after a minute and a half underwater. A result that did not convince the contestant at all, who hit the water, angered by the short time that, in his eyes, he had endured, at which point he received warm applause from the public.