This week we interviewed the violent fighter Jack, who is having a great career in Japanese wrestling. Here we tell you everything he told us:

How have you lived through this whole COVID 19 situation? How has it affected you as a fighter?

Obviously due to all the situation that we live in the whole world nowadays and being specific to the wrestling industry, my income has decreased by a significant percentage. In addition to this, during the “quarantine” stage (state of emergency in Japan), the birth of my daughter occurred. The confinement and the uncertainty are things that we had to deal with every day but trying to be positive, somehow it was a little rest for my body and spirit. I have been able to live with my family and be with them in these important moments.

Why did you choose Japan as the place to fight?

Well my first thought is to say that it was not like packing a suitcase and choosing where I want to vacation, although it would be much easier to have stayed in the USA or Mexico. Things just happened. The first time I was called from Japan was in 2012 for only 5 days. The following year it went up to one month, the following 2 months and each year it went up until I decided to stay indefinitely. Japan has by far the best Deathmatch fighters in the world, I want to be the best in the world that is the reason for staying here. Maybe the day I get it I can return to Mexico or I don’t know what might happen in the future.

Is it difficult to be a foreign fighter in a country like Japan?

I have felt on many occasions that being a foreigner complicates things in Japan. Of all those occasions that have more to do with the language and my western perception of things, it has never been in the world of wrestling. On the contrary, I feel that the people around me have done everything possible to make my stay in this country as easy and pleasant as possible.

What is the best moment you have lived in the ring?

I have lived so many moments above the ring, I have fought, traveled and known many places. But by far my favorite moment is when I come down from the ring with the respect of the fans and teammates.

If you could choose a world fighter to have a match, who would it be?

I always have a hard time answering that question because in general he really enjoyed facing all kinds of fighters, from those who fight on weekends as idols in a local arena to the super stars that I saw on television when I was an amateur.

What is the main difference between fighting in Mexico and fighting in Japan?

What do they speak Japanese hahaha … I could say that the fans are quiet but I have had fights where they were as euphoric as the noisy ones of any arena in Mexico. I feel more the difference in the logistics of events. In Japan I have come to participate in really small events and they maintain an atmosphere of incredible professionalism in time and form.

What are your future goals? What is the greatest thing you want to achieve in your career?

I don’t like to make future plans. According to me 10 years ago, by this time I should have retired and I’m still here. I am aware of my situation and my style, I am a 31-year-old hardcore fighter with 15 years of experience (Mexicans start young). I would like to influence the next generations of Extreme fighters in a more hybrid style with the resources of Lucha Libre and at the time I retired knowing that I made a difference. In any case, I would like to stay here much longer, even if I no longer go up to the ring.

Thank you very much for the interview

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