Planeta Wrestling interviews Cesaro.

The team of Wrestling planet has had the opportunity to attend today a press conference for the media held by WWE. During this conference, the special guest was one of the current Tag Team champions of WWE SmackDown, Cesaro. Cesaro He has made several statements on different topics, such as the possibility of seeing him individually in the not too distant future in WWE, the return of Sami Zayn or also if you would like to meet the famous Spanish commentator again, Ibai Llanos.

We leave you with the full interview:

PW: Hi Cesaro, how are you?

Cesaro: Hey Fine and you?

PW: Fantastic! First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your victory at WWE Extreme Rules for winning the SmackDown Tag Team titles alongside Shinsuke Nakamura, and speaking of your victory, if Sami Zayn returns to WWE SmackDown, do you think you will apply the Freebird rule so that Sami is also a Tag Team champion in the same way that New Day did in his day?

Cesaro: Well, I think if Sami comes back he will go for the Intercontinental title orbit. So we will be three champions dominating SmackDown.

PW: Speaking of the famous Spanish E-Sports commentator Ibai, you played the UNO video game with him and recently appeared in the WWE 2K Battlegrounds teaser trailer for the Nintendo Switch, do you think there could be a chance to see you play with him at a few games at WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

Cesaro: It would be incredible! I will try to make that happen. You know, a lot of times I’m asked to play League Of Legends with Ibai, but WWE 2K Battlegrounds would be awesome to play it with Ibai. I’m going to talk to my staff to see if we can make that happen. I had a lot of fun playing UNO with him and most of the time we didn’t know what to do and we were just having a good time. So WWE 2K Battleground will be like the ultimate game because it is pure fun.

PW: On Monday Night RAW we saw a triple threat for an opportunity by the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships. The winners were Andrade and Ángel Garza, who will face Street Profits at WWE SummerSlam. The Latin part in the Tag Team division of SmackDown is made up of Lucha House Party, would you like to face them and in this way see in WWE SummerSlam the Latin Tag Team division of WWE fight for the titles? For both WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown.

Cesaro: Yes, I definitely think it may be a possibility. Metalik is currently focused on going for the Intercontinental Championship because it is a great opportunity for him, and you know, it is one of the first opportunities he has for an individual championship. But in the Tag Team division they have long been searching for gold, just as Kalisto, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado are great talents. Actually, I have known Lince Dorado for 10 years and now see that the Latin talent of WWE is sweeping both RAW and SmackDown, as a big fan of international talent, the more talent the better and if they want a shot at the titles, they have to earn it.

PW: Cesaro, you’ve been in the Tag Team division for a long time. In 2015 we saw you with Tyson Kidd, but there have been some occasions like 2016 that you have gone for the Intercontinental title and have faced superstars like Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn. To this day you are still in this division, do you think we could see you soon individually for other different championships?

Cesaro: I hope that is always the goal. I always see myself as a specialist. If WWE needs someone really good, they choose me, as well as Shinsuke. But for example, winning the world championship is the ultimate goal. But another great goal is to win the Intercontinental Championship before Sheamus, because he wants to win it because he wants to become a Grand Slam Champion, and I want to win it before him. AJ Styles is now the Intercontinental Champion and I have never faced him in an individual match, so I think it would be amazing and challenging. Yes, I also have individual goals in mind.

PW: Thank you very much Cesaro!

Cesaro: Thank you very much!

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