I Wanna be your Slave: the new premiere of Maneskin

Eurovision winners Måneskin have shared the racy video for their global hit single I Wanna Be Your Slave, and er… we’re not saying you shouldn’t see it work, but you may want to tilt the screen away from prying eyes. .

Directed by Simone Bozzelli, I Wanna Be Your Slave sees the Italian quartet outfitted with Gucci and styled with their signature glam rock aesthetic. Seething with rampant obscenities, audiences are invited to look through a personal lens up close as the band exposes forbidden desires including licking, bondage-play, groping and spitting in a voyeuristic yet highly empowering loop.

Since winning this year’s European Song Contest with his song Zitti E Buoni, Måneskin has worked his way into the sonic stratosphere, scoring two simultaneous singles on the UK’s top 10 chart with his cover of Madcon’s 2007 Beggin. ‘and his original single I Wanna Be Your Slave. The latter is certified platinum in Italy, Finland, and Poland, six times platinum in Russia, and certified gold in Austria, Greece, Norway, Sweden, and Turkey.

Måneskin is one of the most influential Italian alternative rock bands of the last two decades (since its origin in 2016) and not only thanks to their great hits such as ‘Beggin’, ‘Torna a casa’ and, of course, their most recent song: ‘I wanna be your slave’, which features a bold and powerful music video loaded with style. Each of the outfits worn by Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio are from Gucci and if you are a fashion lover, you too will want to wear them and bring out your rockstar side!


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