“I understand you”, begins actor Lima Duarte in a video with little more than 4 minutes in length, published by him on the YouTube platform, dedicated to his friend and also actor Flávio Migliaccio, who died this Monday, 4. “We were from Arena Theater, it was there that we learned that it was necessary, it was urgent, that the Brazilian be put on the scene, with his speech, with his feeling, with his way. ” He was referring to one of the most important Brazilian theater groups of the 1950s and 60s.

Lima Duarte says goodbye to Flávio Migliaccio on video

Photo: Playback / YouTube / Estadão

Migliaccio was found dead on his farm, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, and, according to the State Military Police, the actor allegedly committed suicide. He also left a note, in which he vented, among other matters, against the sloppy form. how elderly people are treated today in Brazil

In the message addressed to Migliaccio, Lima Duarte says, emotionally, that they managed to put the Brazilian soul on the stage at the Teatro de Arena, but that “shortly after, 64 came” and that they were “waiting for Veraneio who would come for us”, referring to the car brand used by the police.

Duarte recalls a testimony he had to give to the authorities during the military dictatorship and says: “Having lived this moment, I say that I understand you. I understand you, Migliaccio. Now, when we feel the putrefying breath of 64, the terrible breath of 68, now, 56 years later. I am 90 (years old), you are 85, when they promote the devastation of the old, we can’t anymore. I didn’t have the courage, you did. But wait for me, my friend, I’ll soon”.

Closing the video, Duarte, visibly moved, quotes a line from the play Os Fuzis da Senhora Carrar, by Bertolt Brecht: “Those who wash their hands do it in a bowl of blood”.

Check out the full video from Lima Duarte to Flávio Migliaccio:

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