“I think there are many chances to win Junior Eurovision 2020”

With only 9 years old, Soleá Fernández has become the great hope of Spain at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The young artist represents Televisión Española in the European children’s musical contest that the public channel broadcasts on Sunday, November 29, live on La 1. She does it with « Palante », an urban theme with touches of flamenco and ethnic sounds which has been composed by César G. Ross, Hajar Sbihi and Bruno Valverde and which is undoubtedly one of the favorite songs to take the victory. Will it succeed?

Soleá Fernández

FormulaTV has been able to chat with the young Soleá days before Junior Eurovision 2020 is broadcast to know all the details of the recording of his performance. And it is that the health crisis of Covid-19 has forced each representative to record their participation from a set built in their country. Farru’s daughter, Farruquito’s niece and Farruca’s granddaughter He tells us how he experienced the performance, analyzes the rest of the participants and also talks about his relationship with Melani García, Spanish representative the previous year.

What feelings do you have a few days after Junior Eurovision?

I am nervous but at the same time super happy because I am very proud of where I have come and that Spanish Television gives me the opportunity to be representing my country. I believe that not everyone can fulfill this dream being so little. I’m very nervous that Sunday will arrive.

Are you scared that all of Europe is going to see you?

Of course it gives me something. The whole of Europe is going to see me and that millions of people see a girl is already an incredible thing. Also, I have not seen the performance nor have I seen how it looks, so November 29 for me is going to be a surprise like everyone else.

What did you feel when you went up on the stage where the performance was recorded for the first time?

I felt something very beautiful just for being on a stage that in the end is yours; that has your song, your video clip, that is about your dance … about your things. I had a great time and I hope you like it a lot and enjoy it as much as I did.

Was it the most difficult performance of your entire life?

Of course it was the most difficult! And I had to sing and dance at the same time, but even though it was the most complicated, I’m having a great time and I’m sorry that everything is going to end now.

Was it weird to act with almost no audience?

It was a bit bad for me not to go to Poland and be there with a lot of people, because the audience encourages me more during a performance. But hey, my family has been in Spain, which is the most important thing.

« It was the most difficult performance of my life because I sang and danced at the same time »

And how many times could you record the performance?

We could only record it twice, it couldn’t be more.

What cost you more? Dance or sing?

The part where I moved the most was difficult for me because the beginning was all calmer and everything else was already super moved and my voice shook a little at the beginning of rehearsals. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve been preparing a lot for this.

? We are going to see a performance with a staging more urban than flamenco, did you prefer it?

I like the staging. And I really didn’t care if it was urban or flamenco.

Soleá and her dancers at Eurovision Junior 2020

The costumes are a tribute to Andalusia

Yes, it was a tribute to Andalusia and it also represents a lot the times we live in, hope. In addition, it is a super urban wardrobe, and in which the fringes that cannot be missing, because I am very flamenco.

Salomé won Eurovision in a similar wardrobe. Do you think it will give you luck?

Hope so!

Do you think we will win?

Hopefully! I think that yes, there are many possibilities of winning but if I don’t, I will stay with this moment of living all this and being the representative of my country. For my country, I have already won.

Do you recommend the Junior Eurovision experience?

Of course, the important thing is not to win, it is to participate.

What are you going to do after the festival if you win or else? Melani had an ice cream party a year ago

I’m going to have the flamenco party! Dancing and singing a lot and maybe we will have ice cream.

After Eurovision I’m going to have a flamenco party

What advice has Melani given you?

I was lucky enough to talk to her and she gave me a few tips. He told me to enjoy it, that I will never forget this experience and that I have a great time. And he also told me to take a notebook and a pen to write down everything that happens to me. Also, that notebook and that pen she gave me as a gift and I think that gives me luck.

Would you like to do a song with Melani?

I would be delighted, I would love to do a song with Melani.

What do you think are our biggest rivals?

I do not take them as opponents, I take them as friends and companions. But hey, I think those who are there are France with Valentina and the Netherlands with Unity. For now I have only been able to speak with Valentina but I am looking forward to speaking with the rest.

How have you experienced the affection of all Eurofans?

I feel very good about people supporting you. An artist would not be an artist if he didn’t have people to give music to. That people support you a lot and be with you and it is a gift.