“I think of ten children” Does Ricky Martin freeze his embryos?

“I think of ten children” Does Ricky Martin freeze his embryos? | Instagram

The singer Ricky Martin, has undoubtedly shown that fatherhood was one of his great desires, today he is affectionate, concerned and very aware of his four children, although at one point he would have amazed everyone by revealing that “he would think about having ten “.

Actually, Ricky Martin, makes up a family of six, counting him and his husband Jwan Yosef, together they have cared for and raised four children, the twins Matteo, Valentino, Lucía and the youngest named Renn, it is easy to say but without a doubt the “Puerto Rican star” has a great job.

The “Puerto Rican“He would reveal that” he has always thought about having a big family “, it could be 10 members, then he reconsiders and thinks that the six that make it up are fine.

Although it can be said, he could change his mind and in any case the “king of Latin pop” would freeze his “embryos“Could it be that another member will arrive soon?

Some people think I’m crazy, but I love having a big family, so I have several embryos waiting for me. This is all I can tell, he told the Entertainment Tonight channel.

José Martin Morales, better known as Ricky Martin, would have everything ready in case it was finally decided to add another son to the family.

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What would your husband think?

The Grammy nominee for his most recent album called “Pause” of 2020, reveals that before the possibility of bringing another baby into the world, her husband Jwan Yosef of Syrian-Swedish nationality “would go crazy when he read the news.”

The renowned figure of the show, currently 48 years old, welcomed her youngest children in 2008, the year of Lucia’s birth and in 2019, Renn came into their lives.

The first three children of Ricky Martín are known to have been sired with the model Eglantina Zingg, the Venezuelan is supposedly the artist’s “intimate friend.”

While Renn is known to have been born through surrogacy, however, it is not known until today who the woman who lent her belly would be.

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The Puerto Rican interpreter, currently living in Los Angeles and married to the Syrian painter of Swedish nationality Jwan Yosef, also admitted that her husband “will go crazy when he reads the news.”

An all-terrain father

The native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, describes how a normal day begins in his life and in moments when he thinks about the dream of having more children, when everyone agrees on a bad day

There are days when everyone is crying, there I recall that six is ​​a good amount, “he admitted.

To this, factors such as age are also added, being a father at 48 is not the same as when he debuted as a parent at 35.

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You need energy for that! I feel strong, believe me and I am healthy. I mean, I’m carrying two babies at the same time, the car and the package, but it’s a lot. “It is a great responsibility,” he said.

On the other hand, at home he has two members who are entering adolescence, so the atmosphere at home “gets more and more interesting,” he says.

In addition to this, we are dealing with the quartering by Covid-19, which has complicated the attitudes between Matteo and Valentino, the couple’s twins and older children.

You know, everything is part of the stage. But both are very good boys, said the proud father, who also said that despite everything they are doing very well at school despite all this situation.

They have a beautiful little sister and brother, and they have become very good protectors of their brothers. It is beautiful, said the exMenudo.

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The Puerto Rican, who has been “very proud” of his children and the family he has, finally revealed who is the queen of the house and points out Lucia “is the princess.”

It is not their house, but hers. She is the one who runs the house. He’s not snapping his fingers yet but by his half, we know he’s saying no. He is only two years old but his way of being and looking at us tells us what he likes and what he doesn’t.