The tea towel burns between Capucine Anav and Cécile de Ménibus. After a sequence in which the latter teases the former columnist of TPMP, Capucine Anav did not hesitate to clash her.

If viewers used to see Cécile de Ménibus on television in the Cauet Method, it is now on the radio that she pursues her career. It is more precisely on Sud Radio that listeners have the pleasure of finding her.

This September 16, 2020 is a bit special for Cécile de Ménibus since she is celebrating her 50th birthday! Yes, even if she is not her age, she is then in her fifties. Of course, we must not forget to mark the occasion.

Cecile de Ménibus

A humorous sequence that does not pass

Columnist Cedric Cizaire, who works with her on the same radio station, gave her a wonderful gift for the occasion. Sud Radio shared the comedy sequence on his account Twitter.

In it, Cedric Cizaire claims to have for her a “life course, a woman’s journey” which can inspire her in her career. While Cécile de Ménibus thinks of Simone Veil, her colleague hands her the biography of Capucine Anav Authentique.

Disconcerted, Cécile de Ménibus then decides to prop up her desk using Capucine Anav’s book!

This is a useful gift!

She exclaims then.

Capucine Anav retorts in a virulent way

After watching this sequence, Capucine Anav, obviously annoyed, decided to speak on his Twitter account. She did not hesitate to tackle Cécile de Ménibus by declaring that the latter had notably asked him for contacts to join the TPMP team.

She should really read it, she who asked me for several years the contacts to integrate TPMP, I still do not see her among the columnists. My book can therefore be very useful to him.

This spike has not gone unnoticed by Internet users. While the journalist Stéphane Larue asks Capucine Anav to take this sketch in the second degree, others made fun of the young woman with the help of sharp comments.

The ex of the ex of the ex who succeeded LOL.

Capucine Relax. Your only achievement is to have gone out with the child of.

Luckily, Capucine Anav got a bit of support as well. Indeed, many people understand that seeing your own book being used to prop up a piece of furniture is not at all pleasant.

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