“I start to tremble”: Enrique Guzmán would abuse Frida Sofía

“I start to tremble”, Enrique Guzmán would abuse Frida Sofía | Instagram

The Guzmán-Pinal clan was shaken yesterday when Frida Sofía declared in a television interview that her grandfather Enrique Guzmán made undue touching on her private parts when she was only five years old.

In a brief telephone conversation with Gente, Guzmán discredits what his granddaughter said and said he was concerned about the mental health of the 29-year-old girl.

I am very surprised. I already spoke with Alejandra (Guzmán), with her people. It really worries me a lot about Frida, “says the 78-year-old actor and singer.

Surely I am a degenerate … sick, adds Enrique Guzmán in a calm and slow voice, when questioned about the alleged abuse of his granddaughter.

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I start to tremble, because I have a lot to say about that … (Guzmán) was a very disgusting man, very abusive, he always scared me, he did ugly things to me, Frida said through tears for the First Hand program. “He groped me! Since he was five (years old)”.

Guzmán saw the statements of his granddaughter and, he assures, simply does not believe what she said.

“All we need to do is be able to help her. You can’t mix Xanax (medicine to treat anxiety and panic disorders) with alcohol and put yourself on the program she’s on. You have to help her … nothing more … that’s all what I want to do, “he reiterates.

In the television talk with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Frida Sofia denied suffering from this condition.

No, I would love for a psychiatrist to be, for example, in front of … do you know why I want this not to be private? They have to see the truth, dude … Not because I want to go public, or hang on Alejandra. No.

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Why do I want to make this public? Because otherwise it stays as it always has.

But if you put me like this with my mom, I talk. And ask us both. I don’t have to pretend, that is, I have nothing to hide. “

Given this, Enrique Guzmán was asked if he had a specific message for Frida Sofía.

Nothing, only that he goes to see a doctor, that what he needs is help “.

Frida, who has made headlines in recent years with bickering with her mother and her cousin, Michelle Salas, says she does not love her grandfather for his actions.

You know what’s the grossest thing about it all? That when you are so young, they tell you: ‘This is what a grandfather does to his granddaughter who loves her’, and then at that age you have no idea. “

You have no conscience, so it becomes normal. And what disgusting, but it’s like that sometimes you already start to feel rich or something, do you understand me? Because your private parts are touching you. That’s why I kept quiet about it, because I said: ‘So, I’m sick? What’s up?'”.

Luis Enrique Guzmán, Frida Sofía’s uncle, defended his father in a post that he later deleted from Instagram.

My father is a Gentleman and from the values ​​he taught us, we can confirm his children that we know him better than anyone else #fridamiente @eguzmanoficial, “he wrote.

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Giordana Guzmán, daughter of Luis Enrique and cousin of Frida also manifested herself in the networks.

This is unnecessary pa ‘, namas add more fuel to the fire, it is not to defend Frida, but why do more fart “.

Giordana and Frida Sofías are partners in a jewelry line.

People contacted the public relations of Alejandra Guzmán and Silvia Pinal, who indicated that none of them will talk about this matter, which is private.

Enrique Guzmán in the afternoon posted the following: “I am very concerned about the mental instability of @fridasofia and the stupidity of @gustavoadolfo, a man who knows me perfectly.”

Although the account that he arrogated does not belong to the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

What Frida needs is psychiatric help and I hope she finds it. I AM A GENTLEMAN, “he said after 9:00 p.m.

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He was a very disgusting man, a very abusive man, he scared me, he did ugly things to me.
Frida Sofía, model and influencer