New enmity in ‘The strong house’. Coexistence is already beginning to take its toll and the relationship between Maite Galdeano with María Jesús Ruiz and Juani Garzón begins to be unsustainable. ANDn the gala on June 25 they began to attack each other throwing different issues in their faces and some things were said that ended with the abandonment of María Jesús during the live show.

Maite Galdeano and María Jesús Ruiz, in ‘The strong house’

It all started when Jorge Javier Vázquez asked Juani if ​​there was a possibility of reconciliation, to which he assured that no: « For me Maite no longer exists ». « I do not wish anyone badly but the people who betray me there is no possibility in the reconciliation view. It is false, I do not believe it, each one has to be consistent with what they do, » he commented, to add below: « He has already nailed dagger and a half. The other day to me half, and then to my daughter the whole dagger. »

Maite took the floor to say that at first she liked her mother and daughter, but little by little she saw that they « like to put shit » and that they change their conversation when the camera is close. However, the bombing was yet to come. « I spoke to Gil Silgado before entering here because he went to ‘Save me’ and said he was betting on me »Galdeano commented, causing Ruiz to leave the live show after being surprised by this statement. Juani went after her daughter, but moments later, calmer, they returned. The presenter asked Ruiz if he considered it to have been a low blow, to which she replied: « It does not surprise me, because from minute 1 he is like this, because he is a person who sells even his son. »

What did Maile and Gil Salgado talk about?

The contestant wrote to her on Instagram after hearing her statement in which she commented that « she was going to do everything possible so that neither Juani nor María Jesús would win. » That said, Maite thanked him for his support, but commented that he had taken a liking to them. Even so, Gil Salgado warned him: « Don’t trust them, they are very treacherous », to which Galdeano replied: « I am friends with them, but the moment I see the betrayal I will put them in their place. » And so it has done.