In case there were not enough plots on the island, the set of ‘Survivors’ is always open to conflict between its collaborators. During the fifth edition of ‘No Man’s Land’, which took place on March 24, the first of those clashes has faced Christofer Guzmán and Kiko Jiménez, who raised the tone by repeating accusations from the previous week that the former is melting revenue to save Fani Carbajo from each nomination.

Christofer on the set of ‘Survivors’

This scuffle took place before Fani was saved for the fourth time, leaving Nyno Vargas, Ferre and Cristian Suescun hanging by a thread ahead of the sixth ‘Survivors 2020’ gala. At the start of the space presented by Carlos Sobera, Christofer had a moment to reflect on the possibilities of his partner to save himself from his fourth nomination: “I see it difficult, they have been nominated for many weeks and that, like it or not, the clubs, friends and family notice it. “

While offering that argument, it was not long before Kiko Jiménez, who was on the front bench, interrupted him to ask him how much he had spent to save Fani from the nomination. Immediately, the former ‘Big Brother VIP’ contestant was reprimanded by Sobera with a “And hit it! What a hobby!”, since it is not the first time that he has brought this accusation against Christofer, who broke his usual calm to settle the matter harshly: “You’re already tiring me out with the little question. I have spent what you spend, what Sofia spends and what any family member spends. No more no less.

An accusation that does not end

The boredom of Christofer is motivated by the insistence of Jiménez, who in the previous edition of the format broadcast on Cuatro and Telecinco exposed that the former contestant on ‘The island of temptations’ would be spending all the money he earns in bowling to save Fani at all costs. However, the aforementioned also wanted to deny on that occasion, indicating that the only thing he is doing is following the advice of fan clubs from the survivor who, in any event, is religiously getting rid of each of her nominations.