“I sleep with a gun” since the Chapo scandal

Mexican actress and producer Kate del Castillo revealed this Wednesday that since the scandal that linked her to the drug dealer broke out Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán he sleeps “with a gun.”

The artist recounted the “worst episode” of her life “in the last chapter of the Facebook Watch program” Red Table: The Estefans “, in which Gloria, Emily and Lili Estefan talk at the house of the famous singer” from a position of vulnerability ”about complicated episodes in his life or the lives of his guests.

Del Castillo, who is a personal friend of Gloria and her husband, producer and businessman Emilio Estefan, and has a long-standing relationship with Lili Estefan, who is the host of the Latin entertainment news program “El Gordo y la Flaca”, gave hitherto unknown details about the consequences of his exchange of texts and his visit to Guzmán in 2015, who was then a fugitive.

The artist has given dozens of interviews on the subject and even the documentary “When I met El Chapo” for Netflix, but until now she had not detailed the psychological damage that she still suffers since then.

“I’m not over it,” Del Castillo admitted, her voice cracking and fighting back tears. His words were not in reference to the fear he felt when he met Guzmán, but to the persecution he suffered, according to his version, for three years by the Mexican government, which opened a case against him.

Likewise, as the authorities of her country affirmed that they later managed to arrest the drug trafficker thanks to the connection with Del Castillo, the actress came to fear for her life and that of her family, as they even recommended that she leave her home.

“Everyone knows where you live,” they told him. So he bought a firearm that he still has in case he needs protection.

Del Castillo reported that the legal battle had eaten away his savings, in addition to the income he had received from starring in two seasons of the Netflix series “Ingobernable”, the documentary about El Chapo and the second season of “The queen of the south ”, qwhich was broadcast last year on the Telemundo network.

Some of his friends were also splattered by the scandal. The journalist Jessica Maldonado, whom she defined as her “best friend,” was audited by the Treasury in the United States, while for more than a year her phone was tapped.

“When I was talking to my parents, who were in Mexico, I heard the recorder turn on and off,” he recalled. The artist spent three years without visiting her country for fear of reprisals from the Sinaloa Cartel, which was commanded by “El Chapo”, or the Mexican authorities. .