I seek justice, not revenge; Frida Sofía will sue Enrique Guzmán and her mother – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Intrelíneas

After the controversy that the Guzmán Pinal family is experiencing and that Enrique Guzmán has already sued his granddaughter, Frida Sofía, it is now the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán who made it known through a video uploaded to Instagram that he has decided to sue not only his grandfather, also his mother. In addition, the young woman did not hesitate to criticize the singer for not defending her.

Frida Sofía spoke about the lawsuits that she will file against her mother and grandfather, lawsuits that apparently will be filed this June 10 and about which the young woman’s lawyers will speak at a press conference.

Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter pointed out that the interview she gave Gustavo Adolfo Infante was not paid for and thanked the journalist for giving her the space to talk about what she experienced during her childhood and adolescence.

“For me it is very important to point out that my only intention when doing the interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante was to clarify the idea and perception so erroneous that they had of me. I wanted to sit in front of him and his audience so that they would know me and hear me speak with and about the truth. Gustavo Adolfo promised me not to edit the interview in any way, as I had asked. During the interview I let go and I couldn’t keep quiet anymore, I have nothing left for him and his production but thanks for respecting and taking care of the forms ”.

“The interview opened my eyes to how normalized abuse is in society, that we keep silent because it is more comfortable for everyone to pretend that it did not happen, we are afraid of being pointed out, that they call us crazy, manipulative, mentally unstable when abuse is the reason for the trauma suffered by women who have been abused by our own family ”.

The young woman also spoke about her mother and, visibly moved, declared that it hurt her not to have the support of the person who gave her life.

“I heard, I saw, I experienced many things that no child or adolescent deserves to experience. It hurts me deeply to be in this merely legal and personal situation with the woman I have loved the most and who gave me life. It is a deep pain not to feel protected and understood by my mother, but I no longer expect anything from her, today I free myself from her manipulation and blackmail ”.

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