TV3 premiered on Monday June 29 in prime time the fiction ‘Drama’. The series produced by El Terrat and starring Elisabet Casanovas, Artur Busquets and Júlia Bonjoch arrived at the Catalan autonomous chain after having triumphed on the TVE streaming platform, Playz. Since its launch, this bet has served to standardize the use of Catalan in fictions produced at the state level and undoubtedly valued betting on a product that united Catalan and Spanish without any problem. Something that while at Playz was applauded, with his arrival on TV3 he has been heavily criticized by many on social networks.

Elisabet Casanovas, Artur Busquets and Júlia Bonjoch (‘Drama’)]

Some viewers do not understand that TV3 broadcasts a series in which, in addition to speaking Catalan, some of its characters speak Spanish.. In the last hours we could read some tweets by Internet users demanding that the fiction not be broadcast on a Catalan public channel, something that caused some of its managers not to hesitate to respond ironically to these criticisms. « From screenwriter to genocide in one day, » wrote Dani Amor (creator of the series) on his official Twitter account, and then followed up with another similar message: « I have felt like the most hated people in Catalonia. He has been beautiful. Now what do I do without being insulted? ». Meanwhile, Charlie Pee, writers of the same, also tweeted different similar messages: « Guys, this disliking of the language is exhausting. On the way to work I had to sit on a bench to rest. »

Vilallonga: « I have given a touch of attention »

Well, this controversy has even reached the Govern and is that Mariàngela Vilallonga, Minister of Culture of the Quim Torra executive, has not hesitated to charge hard against the space that the Spanish has on TV3, both with ‘Drama’ and with « other programs that are broadcast ». He has done so in an interview that the journalist Josep Cuní has ​​conducted on Cadena SER Cataluña. The policy has explained that « I have given a touch of attention to Vicent Sanchis and Núria Llorach », the heads of TV3 today, « for everything we are seeing these days on Televisió de Catalunya. » The counselor has stated that « When you go zapping, you don’t know if you are watching a state channel or a Catalan one » and has sentenced that « I see too much Castilian on TV3 ».

Mariàngela Vilallonga, Minister of Culture

Vilallonga explained that the arguments he received from the management of TV3 have not convinced him and that is why he said that he reminded both of them that « the six million euros we have given to CCMA are for them to carry out projects highlighting the language and Catalan literature (…) the attention has been so that those six million are for projects in which Catalan is spoken. « The counselor is convinced that »the social use of the Catalan language begins with television in Catalonia « .

The zasca of Josep Cuní

« If the Govern does not make the use of the Catalan language higher and higher, who will? », this one has also been asked. At the same time, Cuní has ​​reminded him that in the case of ‘Drama’, we are faced with a fiction created for a state chain with which Catalan was brought to the entire planet; something that should be positively valued by the Catalan authorities, something that seemed to matter little to Vilallonga, who has limited himself to affirming that « We also do it with Catalan teachers around the world ».