“I saw more than I needed”

On the night of Friday, February 19, ‘The Challenge’ reached its sixth gala on Antena 3, in which Jorge Sanz and Pablo Puyol faced the challenge of juggling with a towel while they were naked, in order to avoid being see their private parts. Quite a challenge in which both actors showed a great sense of humor that made some present cry with laughter, such as the presenter himself, Roberto Leal.

Jorge Sanz and Pablo Puyol cover themselves in extremis during their test in ‘The challenge’

« Luckily I’m doing it with Pablo, because he’s a great guy, » Sanz commented during rehearsals for the test, a number that emulated that of the comedic duo Les Beaux Frères called « Serviette » (« towel » in Spanish). « It’s a complicated juggling number, » declared Noelia, a specialist in charge of accompanying the contestants, after which she acknowledged, with humor, that both of them « juggle well and sometimes the towel falls off. » « It gives me that it is one of the few challenges that the public wants to go wrong, » said Juan del Val, who hoped « to see a great show ».

For his part, Santiago Segura expressed his bewilderment when it came to wanting to know exactly what the test consisted of, at which point Leal indicated that the objective was « that the towel does not fall and nothing should be seen. » Next, both Jorge and Pablo were introduced into a kind of set that pretended to be a bathroom, to undress behind the curtains of some showers, before going out in front of the public covering themselves only with towels. Both showed a lot of self-confidence and humor during their test, in which there were moments when they were very close to showing more than they would surely like. « They almost covered it up, » his partner David Bustamante was heard commenting, laughing, once the challenge was over.

« It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a long time »

« I have seen more than I needed to see. I have not stopped watching all the time. It has been grotesque », confessed Segura, while some of those present tried to recover from the attack of laughter that both contestants had caused. Among them was Tamara Falcó, who recognized with laughter that « I’m not going to comment either, I’ve also seen everything. » « Can I go home? I don’t even want to go back in the next program, » Puyol joked then, before which Carlos Latre, guest of the night, intervened, imitating Boris Izaguirre. « Never go away, my love. We changed the apnea for this test, » commented the comedian.

The humor that reigned on the set ended up infecting viewers, many of whom joked about it on social networks, in addition to that some even expressed their interest in that, as Del Val pointed out before the challenge, Puyol lost the towel. « The towel challenge is the most wonderful thing I have seen in a long time, » commented a follower of the format, while others echoed the brief oversight that Sanz had starred in and that the cameras had not managed to hide from the most observant. « From now on you will never look the same at the hand towel in the bathroom … », even Roberto Leal himself joked, through his Twitter account.