Pampita talked about her dyslexia with Gabriel Rolón (Video: « Pampita Online », Net TV) (Infobae)

Throughout your media tour, Carolina Pampita Ardohain it was characterized by its frontality. He says what he thinks and avoids, as far as possible, dwelling on what they will say. For some time now, he entered a train of confessions of situations that marked his life. Issues that have to do with your privacy, but that you want to share with your thousands of fans. At this point, it is a reference. And from that place, he tries to contribute his own.

In the last broadcast of Pampita Online, he was wrong on the air when presenting the lawyer Gabriel Rolon. Although he had the name written on a card, he announced it as Daniel. That name was also written on the paper, on the machete, he did not invent it; but it belonged to a topic they were going to discuss later. The driver simply stepped forward.

As a result of the mistake, and after presenting it accordingly, Pampita explained: “I have dyslexia. I read everything backwards and write everything backwards. If you dictate something to me, I write it differently, and if I learn something in an order, I say the last part in the first place « .

When listening to her, Rolón contributed his knowledge, after asking if he had been in charge of looking for information. “But that has treatment. I imagine you have found out ”, he commented, and Caro interrupted him: « Yes, there are exercises to help a little. »

Already on the subject, Gabriel took the opportunity to, in addition to speaking to Pampita, provide a broader view of dyslexia. « Do you know what happens, Carolina? There is something very important that it is to understand that every human being has to live with something in tow. Nobody has it all, and nobody can do it all. Some will say that dyslexia is a disease and there are exercises and it can be treated. Others will say: ‘I am very jealous’, or ‘I am insecure’. The important thing is to accept what we have”.

Next, he sought to deepen his words. “Know what is that dark room that is inside our house, inside our personality. That room in which one can say ‘here I can fail’ and not to justify our mistakes, but to not treat us cruelly and be vigilant. In your case, you could have gotten angry with the person who wrote the poster, but you admit, you say: ‘Bad mine’, and it goes on, ”he said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines dyslexia as a reading disorder due to problems identifying speech sounds and understanding how these are related to letters and words. It is a specific and significant reading difficulty that cannot be explained solely by mental age or visual precision problems, among other causes.

According to the world estimate, between 10 and 15 percent of the population has one of the most common learning disorders, this neurological dysfunction.

Facundo Arana also has dyslexia

World-renowned personalities knew how to develop their lives without difficulties, even with dyslexia: Steve Jobs, Walt disney, Steven Spielberg and Albert Einstein are just a few of those examples.

In our country, the actor Facundo Arana he also goes through it without major difficulties. In a chat with TeleshowHe spoke for the first time. « My enormous dyslexia does not allow me to read too long -he indicated- I’m going. I get so involved in the story, as later I leave, I cut myself off, I scatter. I can hold conversations and gatherings for whole days, but suddenly no, suddenly… oops! I’m leaving ”.

In Arana’s case, he only found out when he was a father – about 40 years old – that he had dyslexia.


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