“I put it on my psychologist and now he is my patient”

Isaac Torres is one of the singles of The Island of Temptations 3 who has given the most talk, not only during the program, but also outside. His courtship with Marina, his break with her and his quick affair with Lucía have starred in the latest debates, but also, the tempter has dared to make the leap into the world of music with his first song: Dad came.

This Saturday, the Catalan published the song and the video clip in which the lyrics are focused on his time on The Island of Temptations. In fact, title makes reference to the phrase that he says when arriving at the bonfire with the participants: “Cheer up those faces, daddy is already here“.

But, regardless of the success of the song or the greater or lesser amount of autotune they have used in their voice, the truth is that the video clip on YouTube has been filled with hilarious comments of people who, with much ingenuity, they have shown what they dislike the song.

The Dead Sea before hearing this was alive“,” My mother had been in a coma for 8 years, we played the song for her and she got up to ask for euthanasia “,” I put this to my psychologist and now he is my patient “or”The best part of this song has been when I didn’t know her“are some of the messages that users have written.

“Thanks Isaac, your song has helped me to become independent. I put it on a loudspeaker and they all left home”, “If we change some details such as the song, the artist and the dancers, there is a fucking scene” o “I saw this and I lost faith, I saw the comment board and I got it back“are other of the messages that have been published in the video for Papa arrived.