“I paid attention to Neymar and Roberto Torres”

Alex Berenguer leads a quiet life in Bilbao. His football references, on the other hand, are extremely clear.

Do you live in Bilbao?

No, on the outskirts. I feel good because I have everything at hand.

Do you already recognize him on the street?

With this of the masks at the end you go a little more camouflaged, but when I go through the center they usually recognize me.

In Italy did it go more unnoticed?

There, in Turin, there are two teams: Juve and Torino. They also recognized me almost always, they stopped me, they asked me for photos. Here for now, with the issue of Covid, they are respecting me a little more (laughing).

What players did you tend to notice when you were younger?

The player I liked the most was Neymar. Because of the things he did in the field, which are very difficult things to do. I was also guided a lot by Roberto Torres. It has always been in Osasuna, I have always liked it. Versatile, he plays on the right and left, hits him with both legs. It was my orientation.

Do they treat you well in Pamplona after signing for Athletic?

Yes yes (between laughs). With the COVID issue I have not been much either, but as long as I have been no problem. Much respect.