“I must go home and train to be better next time”

Rafael Nadal said goodbye to Australian Open after falling before Stefanos Tsitsipas in one of the toughest games of his sports career. After sweeping the Greek in the first two sets, Rafa succumbed to the reaction of his rival and fell in an epic fifth set. Already at a press conference, the manacorense analyzed the game and praised the work of a Tsitsipas that he qualified for the semifinals with all his deservedness.

“Right now I’m not happy, I’ll try to play better next time. From the third set on, Stefanos has raised the bar and I have made mistakes, so I congratulate him. I have lacked a bit of spark, it is not necessary to explain why », Nadal said, with a serious face, at a press conference.

«It is true that I needed more time to train because I couldn’t play the ATP Cup. The preparation hadn’t been perfect. But I was able to fight until the end of the match. It was a missed opportunity, but I hope to have more. I have missed a bit, that extra spark. Things haven’t turned out how I expected, but at least I’m flying healthier“Added the number two of the ATP ranking.

The game had two parts, and in the second, dominated by Tsitsipas, Nadal could not add the set that was missing to sign the pass to the semifinals. «I have missed some balls that I shouldn’t have. I have had several important errors in the ‘tie break’ What I can’t do if I want to win the game. Two shots, one right … He was better than me today and I can only congratulate him. I have to go home and train to be better next time. I can play better next time. I have played the first two sets well, but it is also true that Tsitsipas has played better afterwards. His adrenaline has risen ».

The fifth and decisive set had a separate analysis from Nadal. «I’ve only played badly on the equal five. There has been a good level of tennis. Not that it was a disaster. I’ve been wrong about a number of things on a tactical level. It was not easy, the track is fast and he served very well ».

Rafa suffered a muscle strain that forced him to leave the press room for a few minutes. «I’ve suffered a jerk and to avoid New York memes I have left although it has hurt more », explained.