I miss you: Ovy on the Drums!

“I miss you” the song by Ovy on the Drums that we all want to sing and very few of us dare, does it sound familiar? We tell you all the details here in Music News.

It turns out that Ovy On The Drums, the now famous and talented artist released his new single titled, “Te Extraño”, we sincerely love this song, not only for the talent that Ovy On The Drums captures, but it was also made in collaboration, In Te Extraño, international artists such as Piso 21 and Blessd also participate, you are going to love it !!

The reality is that Ovy On The Drums never ceases to amaze us, both as a composer, as a singer and as an artist, it is really breaking it, and has evolved more and more as a musician, its material is simply incomparable and unique, and the song, ” I miss you ”, of course it is not the exception.

This song premiered on July 22 and today, in just a few days, it has almost 5 million views !!! WHAAAAT! You read that right, almost 5 million views on his new video for Te Extraño.

This collaboration with Piso 21 and Blessd was just amazing. We leave you the link of the video clip so you can enjoy it!

What we like about this song is that it generates 1000% empathy, that is, how many times have we missed someone? Of course, many times, we miss someone, but the million dollar question is, is it really worth doing something about it? Remember that everything must always be reciprocal, if it is something healthy, and if it is only about pride, then we recommend you break with that pride and say what you feel, but if that person has already cheated on you, has already lied to you, has already betrayed you, then really there is not! I mean yes miss him but don’t do anything about it. It is my humble opinion.


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