The football career of David Beckham It has been, at least, enviable. Figure of Manchester United, then went to Real Madrid and also reached the Los Angeles Galaxy, being one of the first major contracts that MLS had.

But not all memories for the English player are happy. The Argentines in particular remember the duel between England and Argentina for the knockout stages of the 1998 World Cup in France. There, Beckham was sent off after a child foul on Cholo Simeone.

The years passed and the footballer continued to rise, managing to play in three World Cups. But after this encounter, Beckham received threats for his expulsion although he managed to recover. Now the former midfielder reviewed that game and recognized analyzed his reaction.

« I think I went through that when I was very young. I made a mistake, you know. I made a mistake in ’98 and the reaction at the time was pretty brutal. I was constantly verbally criticized on the court, » he explained.

During a summit on mental strength attended by Prince William, Beckham also recounted that « Times have changed. If social media had existed at that time, the story would have been completely different. »


The former footballer ended by saying that « I was lucky. I had a support system at Manchester United, the coach and obviously the family. But did I feel at the time that it was okay to say ‘I need help’? I would say no. It was a different time and I felt like I had to keep everything inside and deal with it myself. «