“I love Messi who refuses to fall when they hit him”

06/11/2021 at 9:26 PM CEST


The former footballer and former Argentine coach Jorge Valdano said this friday that loves “al (Lionel) Messi who refuses to fall when they hit him “and assured that even though the years go by” he will always find time and space for a new wonder “because” geniuses are repeat offenders even with a cane. “

“I love Messi who refuses to fall when they hit him, who wins games just as if it were something normal, who scores three goals and the next day takes his boys to school as if he were any other guy. He who does better than anyone what everyone does and also does what no one does, “he said. Valdano in an interview with the newspaper La Nación published this Friday.

“The unsportsmanlike events in his career are exceptional and, in general, they are nothing more than misplaced responses to great disappointments. If leading is influencing, who has influenced more than Lionel Messi in the last 15 years in world football?” the world champion with Argentina in Mexico 1986.

He also referred to Diego Maradona and said that “he was a genius in his field” and considered that “geniuses last” beyond death.

Diego it took up too much space not to feel its emptiness. It hurts to talk about Diego because its end was very painful and wrapped in a brutal paradox. On the one hand, one did not know who to offer condolences to because he had broken with his greatest affections, and on the other, they made us want to offer condolences to the whole country, “he said.

The former Valencia coach said that most of the Argentine national team players “are finding it difficult to achieve prominence in the big European teams.” In order to Valdano “There is a setback” in Argentine soccer. “There was a time when, even without great events for the national team, the prestige of Argentine soccer was defended every week by great talents that were exhibited in great teams. From the country of (Alfred) Di Stefano, Maradona Y Messi you always expect more, “he added.

About the Albiceleste coach, Lionel scaloniHe said that “he has earned the trust and respect of veterans and young people” and added that in the Argentine team “players continue to make their debut, a sign that it is still in a search period.”

In order to Valdano, Diego Simeone, who became champion of the Spanish League in May with Atlético de Madrid, has “a practical sense of football.”

“The greats of the League are in the transformation phase and that favored Atlético, which has a deep and mature squad,” he analyzed. The current commentator also said that the UEFA Champions League final, which Chelsea beat Manchester City, would have shown that “Premier League money is getting ahead of the other championships.” Finally, he pointed out that the Leeds United technical director, Marcelo bielsa, is “a heroic demonstration of how football can express life values”.

“Just to make this ethical effort a crusade, you have to take off your hat,” he said.

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