The pretty Capucine Anav confided in TV Mag, revealing that she had contracted the Covid-19 virus during confinement.

On July 25, 2020, viewers were able to find Capucine Anav on France 2 for her third participation in the cult show: Fort Boyard. The least that can be said is that the young woman was not spared, especially when she had to confront snakes. As a reminder, Capucine Anav was also injured during the filming of the show. She had unveiled a photo of her injuries on social networks.

The 29-year-old was participating in the program in order to help the association Magie à l’Hôpital. On this occasion, she confided in our colleagues from TV Mag on the set of the show during this pandemic period.

With the physical distancing, I thought the mood would be colder. In the end, we behaved as if we had known each other for ten years. I admit that it’s hard to respect barrier gestures in this kind of show… We always want to hug each other.

She reveals to have contracted the virus

Launched in her confidences, Capucine Anav also revealed to have been coronavirus victim. Yep, the former TPMP columnist was affected by the disease. She was kind enough to say more about the symptoms she had developed at the time.

It was not violent: I had a fever, I lost my taste, smell and 3 kg.

Despite this situation far from pleasant, Capucine Anav claimed to have managed to put things into perspective knowing that other people affected by Covid-19 find themselves in states that are much more worrying than his.

In front of the patients who were in intensive care, I quickly put my situation into perspective. I didn’t have the right to complain.

A confined working-girl

Capucine Anav also returned to confinement which was very difficult for her to manage. In addition to having contracted Covid-19, she could not bear to be locked up like this, she who only thinks of one thing: to work.

I, who am hyperactive and thirsty for work, wanted to die! I could not any more. (…) Otherwise, I have had film and television castings from my place of confinement and I am waiting for answers.

A scrutinized love life

But what greatly intrigues fans of the young woman remains his love life. Indeed, after having known an idyll with Louis Sarkozy, Capucine Anav had succumbed to the charm of Alain-Fabien Delon. Unfortunately, their story did not last as reported by Public magazine:

Little by little, they realized the obvious: the flame of the beginning of their romance, in 2017, was no longer really there.

But since then, Capucine Anav has been displayed to a mysterious young man described by our colleagues as being a millionaire. The published photos of Capucine Anav and this Victor in the streets of Boulogne leave no room for doubt, they are a couple!

Originally from Lyon, Victor works in the Paris region as a wealth management advisor and seems to make the young woman happy.

We only wish the best for this lovely couple.