“I live with my contradictions, I am against abortion but I aborted”


La Mala Rodríguez publishes his memoir ‘How to be bad’ (Today’s Topics), a review of her more than 20-year career in which the creator of ‘Luxury Iberian’ also addresses several very personal issues –music, drugs or sex– and even reveals that she has undergone an abortion.

I am a person who lives with its contradictions. I am against abortion, but I aborted. Therefore, I would never force you to do what I say “, he relates in one of the passages collected by Europa Press, in a statement that is accompanied by a belief.”Seers that I know in Seville tell me that they have seen the spirit of many fetuses wandering through hospitals“he explains in the book.

And to this he adds a discomfort for having aborted. “The image of those little bits of people wandering through empty corridors terrifies me, ghosts of futures waiting to meet. Also, I would be lying if I said I felt good when I had an abortion and I know few women who have taken it well“, has indicated in one of the most intimate moments of these memories.

On ‘How to be bad’ there is room for La Mala’s entire life, from the childhood of María Rodríguez Garrido – her first name – to her recent successes. In between, He talks openly about his involvement with drugs or some temporary sexual encounters. Also of his relationship with the music industry.

For example, there is a hole in the ‘rag’ Cecilio G, whom he invited at the end of 2013 as the opening act to one of his concerts, after having seen him perform at the Razzmatazz room in Barcelona in his underwear. “I loved his roll, I was blown away by him. It is to me that I have always liked authentic people, those who are true to themselves until the last consequences“, he highlights.

At that concert in which they met, the then friends of Cecilio G, who later formed the band Pxxr Gvng, also attended. “I knew all these people before I was Pxxr Gvng“, points out in the book La Mala, who would later record some songs with members of this group such as ‘Egoísta’ or ‘Mátale’.


There is a passage in these memoirs in which La Mala tells how her “sexual liberation” arrives. “Up until now she had a ridiculous list of guys she had been with and I wasn’t going to reach forty with that list, especially if in every country I go to I find fucking gods“, she comments, before recounting her first orgy with a friend.

He also remembers some of his parties, such as the ‘Bruja’ tour, in which he ends with a peculiar gift in Mexico: a kilo of cocaine. “People are divided: marijuana users in one place, cocaine addicts in another … I speak with someone who suggests that I try peyote, I answer that I am not prepared“, it states.

“Those conversations that you have at a party. In one of those I meet a high-ranking official from I don’t know what, who tells me that he can send me what I tell him home. And as a joke, I ask him for a kilo of cocaine that the uncle sends me and it arrives a few days later. We had a great time“says the singer from Cádiz.


La Mala also makes some claims about her personality. “We are in 2021 and what we cannot do is go backwards. Better to take off our clothes and assimilate that we all have a body and a face. It’s hard to understand that I want to be the one to exploit my own body. Jennifer López has taught us a lot in this life, I have not seen a more calculating aunt: she only does things that give her money, “she says.

The National Music Prize concludes with a reflection on the fact of being a woman and the demands. “More and more aunts tell you that you have to be a warrior, a strong aunt, mistress of your destiny, but the truth is that I’m up to the ovaries that others think for me and tell me that I have to fight one day, yes, another too. I want us to defend the rest of the warrior once and for all, “he concludes.

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