“I like to suck my thumb to sleep and touch cold ears”

The anthill received a visit from Aída Domenech on Tuesday, better known on social networks as Dulceida, one of the most important influencers in our country with almost 3 million followers on Instagram, 2 million on YouTube and 700,000 on TikTok.

The guest commented with Pablo Motos about her beginnings: “I started with Fotolog and I went crazy about fashion, I had a need to see and show and the internet lent itself to that. Then I started a blog because I wanted to show my little diaries, my tastes … and little by little I saw that twenty thousand people saw it “.

Although now, both she and her colleagues charge brands for their publications on networks, at first it was not like that: “We influencers realized that everything you wore was sold out, brands sold more and we decided to ask for money”he explained.

My first time was with a boutique that has luxury brands, they asked me to post on my blog putting whatever I wanted from the store and win € 400She seemed very pretty woman to me and I enjoyed it very much, “recalled Dulceida.

Dulceida and her hobbies

But the presenter wanted to know a little more about his guest, whom he asked about her curious hobbies: “I really like touching my ears, especially if they are cold. Also, since I was born they gave me a pacifier, but I started sucking my thumb and still, at 31 years old, I still do it to sleep”.

Too He showed the camera his thumb to show a kind of lump that had come out when sucking it for so many years, “apart from having the teeth out, but I like them, in my hallmark.”

Dulceida’s thumb, in ‘El hormiguero’ ATRESMEDIA

Seeing the finger, Barrancas exclaimed: “It’s like a blister, isn’t it?”, A statement that caught the guest and Motos by surprise, who replied: “Please, you didn’t say blister, it was something else …”. To clear up doubts, they repeated the comment several times, but they did not agree and the presenter changed the subject.

Mental strength to be an influencer

You have to be very strong mentally because you are continually exposed to criticism and you also have a responsibility. Criticism usually doesn’t affect me, I’ve gotten used to it. Once they threatened to kill me and I had to go to the police“Dulceida commented.

To conclude, the influencer told Motos that “In 5 years I see myself following with social networks, but not so fully, that is why I have my company and that is my future”.